Restore Your Car to Life and Beauty! Car Cleaning Services like Car Wash and Car Detailing

In this fast paced world, it leaves us with less time to take care of ourselves, let alone taking care of our vehicles. We drive or ride across highways, narrow road or rough lanes, cutting through thick pollution and splashing  mud and all over our cars. Juggling with so much dirt and filth, we and our vehicle, both get unclean and need deep cleansing.


While we take bath, we leave our cars as it is, or if we are spared with enough time, we wash them with one or two buckets of water along with soap, surf or shampoo which every is available. And that’s all! But with time, as you notice, your newly bought car will lose its shine and within no more than 6 months, it will look like old generation motor.
Exppress Car Wash understands this conflicting problem of our customers who face less time and often grimace with dissatisfaction as many times they step inside their dirty looking car to drive to work. With revolutionized concept of car cleaning i, we offer the best professional mechanized cleaning solutions and services. 
We are expert in offering our clients very prompt and extremely convenient car cleaning services. Our motto remains to serve our customers who are dwelling in this fast paced society with excellent services in the shortest period of time. 
Within our service protocols, we offer standardized car cleaning services, like Car Wash and Car Detailing. At Exppress Car Wash, the concept of ‘car cleaning’ is given a complete transformation where cars are cleansed by the use of latest equipments like high powered vacuum cleaners, spray extraction machines, high pressure cleaning machines and steam cleaners.
Car wash does not mean splashing water on the vehicle and scrubbing it with soap or shampoo. It requires a thorough cleaning. Our car wash programs ensure a perfect cleaning of your car. 
Here are the programs:- 
  • Pre Washing of Car
  • Complete Vacuuming of Cars incl. Seats & Boot
  • Washing & Cleaning of Foot Mats
  • Foam Cleaning of Car Exterior
  • Tyre Arches Cleaning
  • Under body Wash
  • Engine Hot Water / Steam Wash
  • Washing & Cleaning of Door Frames
  • Body Liquid Polishing / Waxing
  • Polishing of Dashboard
Apart from this, Alloy polishing is also available that brings a layer of ultra sheen on the car.
Our Car Detailing section includes a variety of treatments which together will transform your car. Following are some programs -:
  • AC Treatment- This treatment is designed to disinfect the air conditioner ducts and to improve air quality. It improves in-car air quality for the well being of driver and passengers.
  • Alloy Wheel Protection- This treatment restores the lost sheen of the alloy wheels and ensures the long term protection of the wheels.
  • Cavity Treatment- This treatment is made to protect door panels from detrimental environmental conditions and corrosion.
  • Fabric Protector- Within this treatment, a complete cleaning of in-car fabric by using a proprietary chemical is carried out. This de-stains the dirt, dust & grime including very tough stains like chocolates, coffee/ tea etc.
Other car detailing treatments are Engine Coating, Glass treatment, Glow treatment, Headlight Restoration and Leather Conditioning Treatment
No matter you are residing in any part of country, avail our finest car cleaning services, at your convenience and affordable prices.
We help in enhancing your experience of driving in this beautiful world!

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