Car Underbody Anti Rust Treatment

For most vehicles on the Indian roads, its under body seems to be the most neglected area. The result rusting, which leads to damages sometimes irreparable enough that it costs the owners thousands of rupees for replacement or correction? Garages offer anti rust treatment in such situations to curb the damage already done or to improve the situation. Under body of your vehicle is the area no doubt is a hard place to clean or even see on a regular basis. Naturally, it remains prone to rusting as dirt, mud, and moisture accumulates in the area.

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Car underbody coating

Solid steel of the under body turns into a weak ferric oxide mess through gradual chemical conversion. When moisture and air reach the unprotected steel rust forms. Process hastens due to atmospheric sulphur dioxide and impurities as the road salt. Both the car manufacturers and maintenance people recommend the use of anti rust coating to prevent this occurrence. This is ideal for getting long-term protection, especially to parts such as body internal panels, inner cavities, and frame rails. They are not accessible physically, hence prone to corrosion.

Car Under body Anti Rust Treatment includes the following steps.

  1. Pre-treatment:

Before actually undertaking the coating application of anti-trust material, service providers prepare the metal for the paint job. This ensures successful adherence and long-term protection. The commonest way to accomplish this is to use mild acid for metal etching. E-coating process involves complete dipping of the under body so that this part remains fully submerged within the solution.

These are mostly multistage systems where constant spraying is achieved for contaminant removal and overall best results. Acid dips at car detailing service follow the applications of pre-treatment spray and finally is the use of sprays for post dip. Now the under body is ready for the paint job.

  1. Application of paint:

This is the complicated part where application is done by dipping the vehicle in bath prepared for the purpose. It may involve simple dips for covering the under body area or rotation of the body for uniform application based upon the service you require. Electromagnetic application of car under body coating works the best simply because in this process the paint flows to cover all the hidden places and crevices not possible with the help of a manual spray, the cheaper option. Electromagnetism works by charging the body of the vehicle and the bath solution with opposite polarities that promote adherence.

  1. Post-treatment:

After application of the anti-rust coating on the vehicle under body it undergoes the post-treatment. Painted under body now moves from paint to another spray or dip. This process helps with removal of lingering contaminants from this part ensuring completion of the treatment so that not even a single trace of rust remains. In the post-treatment stage and even coverage of paint is achieved. After this, comes the curing of the paint. When this occurs in the oven, the drying time becomes faster.

Nowadays, some car wash franchise also offers under body anti-rust treatments to customers as a part of their garage services. So you can contact them for available options and you vehicle coating requirements.

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