The Benefit of Opti-Coat Treatment

The Opti coat treatment for your car ensures optimal protection from damage due to water and weather. This ceramic, hardwearing, clear coat offer superior resistance from scratching and offers protection from the chemical etching, the result of environmental impacts. Pre-polymer of the coat forms cross-links creating protective continuous layer on painted surface of application. It works similar to isocyanate single components that form clear finish of coat. Its main features are,

Opti Coat in Delhi

Opti Coat in Delhi – Exppress Car Wash

  • Chemical resistance
  • Mar and scratch resistance
  • Enhanced release properties
  • Permanent protection
  • Protect hard plastic & metal too

Optimum coatings are much effective than your regular paint protection sealant or wax that may break down wash away over time. These permanently bond with factory coating and protect the surface long term and it doesn’t delaminate. Single layer of this coating is approx 2 µ thick and compare it to other products of paint protection it is 100X thicker. In comparison, tests have shown that wax coating is below 0.02 µ in thickness.

Resultantly, this coating is capable of easily absorbing damage that affect the layer of factory paint. There will be far less than stances of light scratches or swirl marks now that you’re using premium coats on the car surface. Your factory paint now gets complete protection from ceramic optimum coating and remains preserved. Besides, the layer is also resistant to acidic substances like bird droppings. Unlike the clear factory coating, which sustains permanent damage, this coating doesn’t dissolve or etch upon coming in contact with such substances.

As a result, the glossy, clear, and clean coating remains in place for a long time. Some main benefits of this coating are as follows.

  • Superior film: Get a clean coat superior film with most advanced protection for paint with optimal paint protection.
  • Hydrophobic surface: The hydrophobic surface now remains permanent and it’s quite easy to clean at the car wash than ever before.
  • Improve the car resale value: A good-looking, well-maintained car obviously has a good resale value. So when you want to upgrade your vehicle the process becomes effortless.

This paint protection is for every automotive surface whether plastic, glass, or paint. Being polymer resin it offers clear an extremely hard coating when compared to other products. Such products are unable to withstand anything more than the gentle car washing procedures and mostly wear off at most by 12 months!

Ask any car wash franchise and they are sure to recommend opti-coat treatment for superior protection that works for a long time. Here are the various steps of application.

  • Paint polish for defect removal
  • Surface cleaning to remove silicone, polishing oils, and waxes
  • Prime applicator with few drops required for subsequent panel
  • Application of the coat, even out the visible streaks for uniformity

As one can see, easy to apply and highly beneficial Optimum Coating can prove to be a big help for maintaining the appearance of your car. If your vehicle is yet to have this kind of protection, do not waste any more time, contact your dealer TODAY!

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