Car Care Services

Express car wash services have been the leading car wash company in India and with their amazing service it is no wonder they are so popular. You get a multitude of service here including car wash and car detailing. The car wash programmes are done by skilled workers who know the craft and extreme care is taken towards your vehicle. You can be sure that no amount of damage will come to your vehicle also you will not have to face any problem afterwards. They take care of each care thoroughly and bring out the ultimate in looks and performances.

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Car Wash Programmes

There are 3 different car wash programmes and you can opt for the one which you think is suitable. Each of these programmes covers every part of your car but is different in certain aspects.

For example, the vacuuming of seats and the boots of the car is included in all three programmes. However you will not get a full body polish only rims etc in the first programme. So make sure you go through the programmes. Foam cleaning is done of the entire car exterior giving it a nice sheen.

Under body wash and tyre arch cleaning is also done by high pressure jets of hot water or steam giving you the cleanest car possible. The jets do not damage the paint but gets rid on any substance which may have settled on the car. Paint protection is taken very seriously here. The upholstery cleaning service takes care of all the upholstery in your car. They are washed and then dried giving them a radiant new look.

Car Detailing Programmes

Car detailing is also done and it includes a lot of services to help you maintain that perfect look regarding your car. The opti coat is one such service. It is a hard wearing, aftermarket, ceramic clear coat which makes the surface of the car and the paint resistant to scratches, giving you the best protection against environmental elements. It can also be applied on the windows. The underbody coating is another services provides the under body of the car from rust.

Engine coating is a service given to the electrical wirings in your engine to protect against rats and other rodents. It leaves a high glossy transparent surface finish which gives it a wonderful look. It also offers amazing resistance o engine oil, road grime and avoids corrosion. The glow treatment brings the cars surface look to how it was when it was bought. It makes the cars outer surface look totally new through spray on technology. It improves paint hardness and hardens the surface to keep it strong and no longer prone top scratches.

Rubbing and waxing of the entire car is also done giving it the sheen and texture which was there when it was new. The alloy wheels are also waxed and it makes the car appear totally new. It helps remove scratch marks and retain the super fine surface of your car.

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