Professional Car Washing and Detailing is the Perfect Cleaning Service

Professional car washing and detailing services use special set of tools for thorough cleaning of your vehicle that includes removal of road grime and dirt inside-out in complete detail. Ultimately, you are going to get a sparkling car that looks like new, in an excellent condition retaining high resale value. The challenge remains for the owners to find a quality detailing service that ensures the overhauling of all the components of your vehicle. This includes the following:

Effective paint care

Naturally, your car paint is extremely delicate and prone to scratching. Good car wash, detailing services know how to maintain this paint and for this, they generally undertake a 3-step procedure for cleaning, correcting, and protecting the surface. Cleaning step involves proper washing, drying, for removal of external grime and dirt. Application of clay bar removes clear coat contaminants as tar, industrial fallout, dirt, and metal particles. After this, optional paint polishing is the next step for removing fine scratches and swirl marks before opti coat application for optimal paint protection and a shining surface.

Wheels and chassis

The care chassis and undercarriage requires effective cleaning just as the rest of the exterior. Besides thorough cleaning of the underbody region, professionals also include wheel wells as well as the region around main suspension components like control arms and anti-roll bars. Plastic protector is applied to fender inner lines and splash plastic guards. Also, thorough washing of tires and wheels is important before the application of protectant to improve luster and guard against cracking and corrosion.

Exterior trims, taillights, and headlights

Reputed car detailing services apply top of the line polishing compounds on the taillights and headlights of the vehicle that show oxidation signs. One crucial step after this is application of plastic sealant for proper sealing. Cleaning of chrome trim is important besides dressing of plastic or vinyl trim using a protectant. This will prevent fading and cracking. Besides cleaning of rubber and plastic professionals may also clean the exhaust polished tips or the chrome.

Interior detailing requirements

Keeping the interior of your car looking like new and clean is as important as its exterior shine. No one knows that better than the detailing services that you hire. However, the extent of such detailing is minimal to include the various seating and carpeting surfaces. Upholstery cleaning is quite important and professionals may use a steam cleaner for the purpose or may even resort to shampooing. Besides, it is also important to dress up all the vinyl and plastic surfaces associated with the vehicle interior along with cleaning and conditioning of leather. Your professional service may even include the trunk area as a part of their detailing job.

Engine bay

It is important to remember that the engine may not be part of the standard package and you need to request for it with additional charges for the same. You shouldn’t miss this important component as it is a crucial part of automotive detailing just like underbody coating. Service providers first mist the engine with water before application of degreaser. This is followed by rinse cleaning.


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