Car Washing and Detailing

A car’s longevity always depends on the owner’s ability to keep the vehicle in top shape, be it the engine, the interiors, or the exteriors. A well- maintained car will serve its purpose for a longer duration than anticipated. However, it is not rare to see a dented vehicle running on the road, or a broken down vehicle. An ill-kept vehicle only adds peril to other commuters and therefore it’s the owner’s responsibility to send their vehicles for regular maintenance service.

Often due to lack of time, vehicle owners either leave their car problems unattended or engage in DIY job- either ways they only cause harm. But, hiring a mobile car washing and detailing professional will enhance the vehicle’s appeal and performance.

Reliable automatic car washes

Today, car washing and detailing companies are instrumental in providing Automatic Car Wash service that involves a superior and effective cleaning mechanism for making the car sparkling clean. It gently cleans the dirt and grime form your car, even if you are in a hurry.

How it works?

A giant cloth brush with a swirling mode and industrial strength shampoo is used for rendering a good rubbing action on the car to make it squeaky-clean. It resembles the commercial dry cleaning process and therefore offers lasting results for up to weeks, even when the vehicle is used regularly.

The unique process of car detailing

Another elaborate yet quick procedure for your car treatment is car detailing. It offers a thorough cleaning of the car from the inside out, and involves steps of cleaning, polishing, and waxing in that order.

Step 1: A car is first cleaned from inside with brushes and upholstery cleaners. The car mats are washed, and the floor and the seats are vacuumed before proceeding with the dry cleaning.

Step 2: The car is well dusted on the outside before applying the polish and scrubbing it. The polish is left on for a few minutes before the buffing brush comes to life. The brush evenly spreads the polish and allows it to penetrate into the car’s body for that fantastic finish.

Step3: Waxing the car protects it from scratches, that dust particle may produce when the car is in motion. Moreover, it adds that brilliant shine to the car, as if it just came out of the showroom.

Bingo! Your car is shining like brand new!

Nothing can be as great as a superior car detailing product called Opti-Coat or Opti-Guard. This product offers robust protection from scratch and environmental impacts. Opti- Coat is not a wax or a sealant product, but applied on the painted body of the car and the hard plastic surfaces to offer protection to the paint and keep your car look new for long.

Nano technology based Paint protection procedure is another way to maintain your car’s appeal. This revolutionary technology is used to enhance the lifespan of factory painted car body. It comes with a 1-year warranty and guarantees a mirror-like shine. For owners who are highly conscious about their cars maintenance must use it. This technology is quickly gaining popularity in the U.S and UK and is slowly getting the limelight in India too.


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