Why Start A Car Wash Business?

The past few years have seen a drastic increase in people opting to start a business in India. One way or another, people are opting out of the regular nine to five work pattern and finding ways to start ‘on their own’ with minimum capital investment.

New, creative, and mind-blowing ways of doing business and business models are seen quite frequently throughout the country. Even giving information on how to establish them has become a new form of business!

When it comes to lucrative business, franchise opportunity is the newest trend in town. In a nutshell, franchise means you are authorized to sell a particular good or service of another company under your company. You get to use their technical expertise, their brand logo and trademark, and you share the profits with them. Thus, all the groundwork is already done for you, and you simply sell the product. This business model has been quite a hit for some time now.

With all the businesses going up, it has become increasingly difficult to identify a profitable franchise business, which is easy to establish and earns profits quickly. Yet, after thorough investigation, it has become clear that the most lucrative way to start a business in India would be to start a car wash franchise.

Professional car wash business and franchise are rarely seen in India and are a need of the hour…literally! The amount of dust in our nation is quite high and cars do become unclean quite quickly. Furthermore, time is a luxury, not owned by many car owners in India. A quick visit to a car wash franchise could help solve this problem and could mean profits in many ways not just to the common citizens of our nation, but also to the franchisee owners.

This new business opportunity could help boost your profits in India. The required technical skill sets, infrastructure, and trainers are readily available. For example, waxing and brushless cleaning are the most common tools used in the business. Several other car washing and cleaning techniques can be explored as per the needs and the locality served.

Mobile car washing is a good way to kick-start the business. Franchisers usually opt for this technique to understand the needs of the people in any specific locality and then, after confirmation of the tools to be used, they would suggest the franchisee to establish a full-fledged shop for the car wash. This technique is profitable for both the franchiser and the franchisee as the risk of loss of capital investment is at a minimum.

Starting a car wash business could be the most profitable franchise business to establish yourself in the market. India is a market that many franchisers are willing to invest in and competition is at a minimum here. So, if you want to start a franchise, give the carwash franchisers a chance to help your investments grow into a chain of carwash franchisees! – Karan Sethi – Director (Exppress Car Wash)


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