Car Paint Protection Tips

With constant use, the body paint of your vehicle is bound to diminish its shine and may begin to rip off. However, by using the right paint protection product; you can reduce the effects and prolong the shine of your car. Let us find out more.

After a thorough car cleaning, you car needs waxing and polishing to maintain its looks. You can select from two types of car paint protection products- wax and polymer sealant.



Carnauba wax is the finest wax product for automotive paints. Manufactured from the leaves of the tropical Carnauba plant, pure Carnauba wax has brick thick consistency and is blended with other types of wax for use as a car wax, solvent, lubricant, and gloss enhancer. It is an expensive wax and brands that use a high percentage of this wax in their car cleaning products should be immediately purchased.      A good quality wax contains 30% to 35% of Carnauba post-melt.

For that ultimate sheen of your car’s body paint, use the Carnauba wax sold in flake form combined with with a solvent. Apply a single layer of wax and wait for a few days to apply the second coat. If you will apply two coats in the same day, the solvents in the second coat of wax will strip off 90% of the first coat. Each coat you apply will enhance the shine and add layers of protection to the paint. Always use the least amount of car wash in your wash solution to allow your wax coat stay longer. It is advised to use 1 cup of car wash solution in one gallon of water.

Polymer Sealant

Polymer Sealant is the second form of paint protection which is derived from oil or natural gas. It lasts longer than the Carnauba wax, but has a lesser depth of shine. Additionally, polymer sealant is less sensitive to strong car wash as compared to its counterpart. Several companies offer blended polymer sealant base with a small amount of Carnauba wax to enhance the depth of shine of the sealant while maintaining the longevity of the polymer.

How to Apply Wax or Sealant

Prior to applying wax or sealant, take your car to a reliable Car Wash Station and get it thoroughly cleaned. Dry the car with a flannel cloth, once completely dry; use the Velvet Microfibre Applicator Pad to apply the car wax or sealant on the body.

You must ensure the paint surface is cool and you are working in the shade. Use linear motion to apply the wax because it will prevent the paint from being scratched. Complete the application in sections; i.e.; on one section of the car apply the wax, such as the hood, trunk, or fender. After application buff and polish the surface. You must always read the directions on the can to learn about the proper application method.

Remember to use a high quality microfibre cloth or 100% cotton flannel when you are Car Detailing with the wax or the sealant.


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