Tips to Clean Your Car like a Pro

You can engage in several different car cleaning methods, but you may accidentally damage your car in the process. To help you efficiently clean your valuable asset, here are a few tips on cleaning.

Tip #1: Car Detailing

Car detailing is the first line of defence when it comes to protecting the car from dust, and the weather elements. Both the exteriors and interiors of the car is prone to discolouration, marring, cracking, and peeling due to harmful UV rays, road debris, dust particle and other agents.  

A weekly wash is required to keep dirt and pollen from entrenching itself in the clear paint coat. A monthly wash and wax ensures the car’s body remains covered with a shiny shield. Sealants and  wax coatings should be done once in two years, and should be done only by a professional.


Tip #2: Assessing Car Needs

Inspect your car once every week to evaluate the level of care it needs. Inspect the condition of the car paint in sunlight or under a bright light. Doing so would allow you to see scratches, imperfections, swirls and marks on the surface. Headlights should be inspected for scratches and hazing, while lower trim and splash guards should be inspected for build-up  of salt, cracks, and road grime.

 Tip#3: Washing Vehicle  

Failing to wash the car in the right way will severely impact the car’s body paint. Here’s how you should properly wash your vehicle.

Use three buckets, one filled with soapy water, the second with clean water and third for rinsing your wash mitts. Remember to use a mild car wash shampoo. Start cleaning the roof of the car until you reach the bottom of the fender. Make sure you rinse the mitts each time you clean a portion of the car.

Use a high pressure water hose to remove the soap and the dirt from the surface. Dry the car’s body with a flannel cloth. Now spray sealant or wax on the vehicle’s surface and wipe clean with a soft microfiber cloth for a scratch-free finish.


Tip #4: Do You Wax, Seal, or Coat Vehicle?

A car wax contains natural wax, while a sealant is made from synthetic compounds like polymers. A coat is a resin or quartz-based product, which is more permanent and harder and offers greater protection to the car’s body paint than wax or sealant combined. The choice to use wax, sealant or coat depends on the car owner’s choice. Although applying a fresh coat is expensive than wax or sealant, yet it is the best way to go.


Tip #5:  Optimize the Detailing Process 

To get maximum output from the detailing process, a car owner must regularly practise preventative maintenance, uses suitable cleaning products, and research well on a reliable and efficient Car Wash station. You must invest your time and effort in checking the damages to your vehicle and immediately seek professional assistance.

Regardless of the issue, you must seek help from professional Car Wash Business, as they are experts at handling the complicated tasks of resolving the car paint job or a dent. Make sure you inquire from family and friends about a seasoned professional.


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