How To Detail The Car Interiors?

If you love your car, then you would know how to keep it clean all the time. But, do you think that alone is enough? There are a lot of other things people do to ensure that their car looks brand new and that is car detailing.  Surface cleaning is done regularly because it is needed on a weekly basis, but car detailing of your car upholstery needs to be done once or thrice a year.

However, you need to take required caution before getting the interiors done. When trying a new chemical, you need to try it out on part of the upholstery and then use it on the whole car. Car detailing includes using vacuum to clean up the car properly. It also requires you to clean the car doors, jams, dashboard and console.

Vacuum cleaning for the car

This one involves using a good quality car vacuum cleaner that comes with different attachments. The most important ones being the dust brush attachment and crevice attachment. These attachments will help you get in every single nook and corner of your car’s upholstery. It is important that your car’s upholstery looks extremely new once you have cleaned it properly.


The dashboard and console

The parts of your car that are in direct eyesight are dashboards and consoles. People may not directly look into the nook and corner of your car’s upholstery, but this one is obvious. You should clean this regularly and for that you need to wipe them with damp cobra microfiber towel. The dashboard takes in direct heat from the sun. To protect your console and glasses from sun’s harmful UV rays, you need to apply Detailer’s Pro Series Interior Surface Protectant, 303 Aerospace Protectant or Sonus Total Eclipse once in a month.

Door panels and jams

These collect the largest amount of dirt. The panel of your car’s door is made up of a lot of materials which includes vinyl, fabric, leather and carpet. You can scrub off the shoe marks and other stains from vinyl using 303 aerospace cleaner.

To reach the smallest nook and corner of your door handles, you need to clean them with a toothbrush and soapy water. However, you should always keep in mind to dry out the cleaned surfaces.


Carpets and floor mats

You need to get these cleaned properly and they do take time. They are made to withstand washing multiple times as they get dirty easily. You have to shampoo these parts of the car and before starting with that, a thorough vacuum session is absolutely necessary. The places on your carpets that have apparent spots should be cleaned with a good spot remover like Wolfgang Spot Eliminator.

You can also use a guard for your carpets like the 303 High Tech Fabric guard to protect them from unexpected spills and stains.

If you keep your car clean on a regular basis, then car detailing may not seem daunting to you and take lesser time.


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