Get the Right Car Detailing For a Great Car

For people who love their four-wheelers, it is not a surprise that they keep their cars extremely clean. But, you are not doing everything for your car if you are not investing in the right kind of car detailing. This is an important part of maintaining your car or your car would lose the sheen and appeal gradually with time.

Also, getting the right kind of car detailing is important for paint protection. So, if you want to keep your car brand new, take some car detailing advice from us.

car detailing service

Many people opt for professional dealers for getting the detailing done, but why take all the trouble if you can easily do the job yourself with just a few products. The key to car detailing is to know your car properly and use the suitable chemicals and car wash products for its detailing and paint protection. Just because your neighbour is using a type of solution to shine his car, doesn’t mean you have to pick up the same one.

Where to start with the detailing?

If you are new and you have only cleaned your car this entire time, then you should start from the basics. The best place to start with the car detailing is the interior of your car. Detailing the interior would require you to remove all the mats from your car and then vacuum the upholstery and carpets of your car properly. All the dirt and the grime will be removed thoroughly and it won’t settle on the exterior of your car.

There are many ways to take out the stains and holes from your carpet and upholstery and when you are done with them, you should move on to the hard surfaces like the dashboard and rear windows and glasses. Using a damp cloth will do the job when it comes to the dashboard of your car.

There are different types of all-purpose cleaners available in the market to ensure that the interiors of your car looks not only clean but also shine in the sun. After this, start with cleaning the wheels of your car and remove any stain on the steering wheel with cotton swabs.

Never use vinyl on leathers as it will damage it completely.

No car detailing is complete without proper paint protection. And for this reason, you can either go to the car dealers or use a good quality sealant at home. Although, some people may not take it seriously but getting paint protection for your car is important and it is advised to seek professional help. It seals the paint and ensures that the paint doesn’t come off due to any reason.

Some of the paint protection solutions used by car dealers include Supagaurd and Diamond rite. Earlier carnauba wax was used to help in this process but with newer technology and better alternatives, the wax is not used much, today. Protect the paint for restoring the sheen of your car for a longer period of time.


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