Car Detailing Finally Arrived In India

While some people are still confused about the actual meaning of car detailing, it simply means a thorough clean-up of your car with special emphasis on the places that are not cleaned out by a car wash system. Cars may still be a luxury in many places of India, there is no dearth of them in the major cities. Since cars have arrived in India, so have the car wash stations and the better version of car cleaningcar detailing.

Car detailing in India has still a long way to go but the benefits of a car can be learnt and used to one’s advantage. The first of the many questions that a person might ask includes “why”.


Why Car Detailing?

Car detailing is not just cleaning a car but it is a meticulous clean-up of the car and polishing it properly to ensure that the car looks good as new. There are special tools available to clean the car properly from top to bottom and inside out. The car detailing includes light cosmetic restorative work which includes the stone chip touch ups and clear wet coat sanding. However, the car detailing process does not include the paintwork or body repairs.


Benefits of Car Detailing

Car detailing helps you in cleaning up a lot of mess that your car undergoes which includes removal of contaminates, scratches, swirls, oxidation and other such problems. Car detailing helps to remove any harmful bacteria that might be breeding on the inside of your car. This is done when you clean up the upholstery of the car and the floors. Everything is cleaned thoroughly in a car detailing session and it is for the best of the customer.

Car detailing would also involve cleaning the air vents. This part of the car needs to be cleaned regularly because you would be prone to more health complications if the central air system of your car is not cleaned up properly. If you are detailing your car yourself, don’t forget the rear view or side view mirrors.

Auto Detailing Can Also Be Done

If you don’t have the time to clean up your car yourself, then you can always head to the car wash station and let them do their job. While you get the benefits of a car detailing process, auto car detailing is more technical and they use better equipment to clean up your car. Auto detailing is divided into three parts. It not only helps remove all the germs but also increases the aesthetic value of the car.

  • Interior detailing is the first step and it involves cleaning the compartment, trunk, dashboard areas, panels and windows. Vacuuming is used to clean up the interiors of a car.
  • Exterior detailing involves cleaning up the visible parts of the car like the paint, coating, wheels and other such components.
  • This process is for cleaning up the car completely and the process involves detailing with steam, high pressure water and degreasers.

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