Learn the Tricks to Keep Your Car Brand New

While earlier car cleaning was only about soap and detergents, we have surely come a long way from that. Today, there are big car wash stations dedicated to the job of cleaning up the car properly. and not only cleaning it, but they when you take your car or any other vehicle for servicing, they clean up your car inside out and look for any defects. It is part of the job to do so and clean or fix the problem if there any.

One of the crucial parts of car cleaning today is car detailing. India is fairly new to the concept but we are catching on. Not only this, with so many choices to go for, it becomes even tough to decide on a single type of car and this is the reason why many Indians are confused when they purchase a car for the first time. There are two options when you are buying a car, you can either buy a brand new one or go for a car that has already been used and recycled. If you are of the view that a second hand car won’t be a good one, then you couldn’t be more wrong.


Second hand cars are made with extra care and there is an added touch of shine to it, all thanks to car detailing in India. If you are still not sure about the benefits of car detailing, then let me put it for you in simpler terms.

If there is a dent in your car and you really don’t know what to do about it, wouldn’t you love it if it got fixed somehow? Well, welcome to the world of car detailing.

In car detailing, the cars are thoroughly waxed, cleaned and polished before giving it back to the customer. Many car wash stations are providing this facility today if you are ready to pay up a little extra. There are three stages of car detailing – exterior, interior and engine detailing.


Car detailing is not only about cleaning up the car or improving its aesthetic value but it also helps in raising the market value of a car that has already been used.

Coming to exterior detailing, the most important part of this process is paint protection. The worst that could happen to your car is the scraping of paint. And if you are looking for a way to protect your car from rock chip and debris, then getting a layer of paint on your car is the best way to go about it. Paint protection is done for the sake of keeping the paint intact.

The common paint protection coatings used in the car washing industry are:

  • Avery
  • 3M
  • Venture
  • Llumar

The most common areas of the cars which need paint protection are the hood and front bumpers of the vehicle.

All the three stages of car detailing start with the simple process of vacuuming. So, if you are planning to go for car detailing, make sure you know the facts of it.


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