Enhance the Performance of Car with Proper Car Cleaning & Car Detailing

The premium detailing service of Exppress Car Wash is perfect for the lovers of automobiles. I was skeptical about the authenticity of the roadside detailing centers for the precious automobile of mine. The envious reputation of Exppress Car Wash convinced me about availing the car detailing service of it. The genteel behavior of the executives and the careful servicing of the detailers made me fall in love with the work of this center.


The Windshield Treatment

  • The professional cleaners used car-friendly cleaning materials at the time of cleaning the windshield.
  • The international laboratories of USA and Australia have certified these materials to be safe for automobiles.
  • These cleaning agents removed tough marks of water and oxidation with the help of a rotary polisher.
  • The ECW glass-cleaner was used with ECW sponge and the remaining residue was wiped-off with microfiber cloth.
  • The ECW sponge was used to apply a fine layer of ECW glass protector.

This protective coating has saved me from the attack of blinding glares.

The Brain of My Car

The engine of a car works as its brain.

  • The engine compartment of my car received thorough cleaning with the use of steamed water jets. The cleanliness surprised me.
  • The ECW microfiber cloth wiped away the presence of excess water.
  • The Air Compressor System dried the entire compartment.
  • The ECW engine lacquer was sprayed vertically and horizontally covering the entire compartment and its edges. This made the compartment look new.

It has been months since the treatment. I am still enjoying an unclogged engine with well-performing hoses and electrical wiring.

The Arms and Legs

The four wheels of a car work as four appendages.

  • The alloyed fittings of my car lost their glories. These became dusty and grimy with regular usage.
  • The high-pressured jets of cold water were used to clean the grimes off the wheels.
  • The mix of a multi-surface cleaner was sprayed to clean the alloyed hinges thoroughly with different types of brushes.
  • The Alloy Wheel Cleaner and layers of Alloy Wheel Protector were used simultaneously with dry ECW sponges.
  • The wheels were wiped clean with microfiber cloths after 30-minutes of drying.

The Body Polishing

The body of my car received many scratches.

  • The specialists used a rotary polisher to remove the fine layers of the paint.
  • The rubbing compound removed the damaged layer of the paint. This treatment revealed the original color of the automobile hidden underneath.
  • The abrasive compounds made the surface look smooth.
  • A fine coat of paint protection was applied thereafter.
  • The wet-look finishing enhanced the glossy appearance of my car.

This finishing layer is still protecting my car from the attacks of stubborn stains, oxidation, mild-to-moderate scratches, and UV-ray damages.


Going Underneath

The undersurface of any car receives harshest damages.

  • The apparatus present underneath the car were properly cleaned.
  • The coating of a protective paint was sprayed on all the mechanical parts present underneath with the use of a special spraying machine.
  • This layer is protecting the under chassis from the attacks of debris and gravels.
  • It provides excellent insulation to this area and saves it from the attack of rusty corrosion.

The AC compartment was properly serviced. The leather seats and floor mats also received thorough cleaning through upholstery cleaners. I received something refiner than car cleaning in Exppress Car Wash Center.


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