Make Your Car Look Gorgeous through Best Centre for Car Detailing India

Do you want a spa treatment for your precious automobile? Then you need to take your car to Exppress Car Wash. This car detailing center uses automatic car washer to make your car look gorgeous. Its skilled manpower and advance products have turned it into the best center for car detailing India. My car started glowing after receiving full-body conditioning. Your car is guaranteed to receive a royal treatment in this luxurious car detailing center.


Rubbing Treatment

I was worried about the fine dents my car received through regular usage. The auto-detailer asked me to relax. He promised to make my car shine like new and he kept his promise.

He used an automatic rubbing machine to remove the fine layer of my car’s paint. This paint-removal also effaced minute scratches and imperfections off my car’s body. This machine also removed oxidized coatings. My car was showing its true color after thorough rubbing.

Car Coating

The auto-detailer brushed my car’s body with fine layers of paint-protector. This particular service is known as glow treatment.

This transparent protective layer hardened after a few minutes. This clear coating was supposed to deflect dirt particles and save my car from all type of staining. It has been keeping its word for many months. The paint-protector prevented the development of any hard-water stains. It also protects my car from the damage of UV rays.

It also protects my car against chemical or salt attacks on the road. Now, I can easily wipe the dirt and grimes off with the single stroke of a soft cleaning cloth. This paint-protector makes my car shine like a mirror and make me feel proud of my car’s beauty.


Engine Cleaning

The dusty engine compartment of my car received the goodness of steam cleaning and protection of engine lacquer.

The auto-detailer cleaned the engine compartment with an automatic steam-cleaning machine. He used an air-compressor to dry the wet components of this chamber. He sprayed the ECW Engine Lacquer in vertical and overlapping strokes. This lacquer has been protecting the engine compartment from peeling, corrosion, flaking and cracking.

Windshield Treatment

I used to have a spotted windshield. Exppress Car Wash has helped my windshield lose its disgracing spots.

The detailer used ECW’s proprietary non-woven pad and glass-polish to wipe the spots off the windshield. He used an automatic rubbing machine. It cleaned the windshield in rotational movements. He removed excess residue with water and applied ECW’s Glass Cleaner with a sponge.

He applied ECW’s Glass Protector with a soft sponge. The protector took 30 minutes to set in action. It has been keeping the windshield free of any stains or spots. The spick-and-span windshield has increased my visibility. Its anti-glare component is protecting my eyes from blinding glares and has helped me drive confidently any time.

The interior, under chassis and wheels of my car received as exclusive care as the exterior. Even the air conditioner received thorough cleaning. The auto-detailer used ECW’s proprietary AC cleaning solution and sponge-tipped sticks to clean its narrow grooves. You are guaranteed to find this meticulous service in no other center for Car Detailing India.


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