Enhance Your Car’s Longevity through Car Paint Protection and Detailing Services

‘Precision’ and ‘Thoroughness’ are the words I use to describe the detailing services of Exppress Car Wash. I have taken my cars to this detailing center either for cleaning or for detailing services. The auto-detailers or cleaners have always performed beyond my expectation. Last time, I asked the auto-detailer to apply a premium quality car paint protection. The ceramic paint protection has reduced my additional expenses of polishing or intense cleaning. This coating has also improved my car’s appearance and increased its longevity. Exppress Car Wash is truly the pioneer of advance car detailing India.


Exterior Detailing


  • The auto-detailer used an advance car-polishing machine to rub the surface of my car. This polisher removed all the scratches and swirl marks from the surface paint.
  • The polishing let the original colour of my car surface. The auto-detailer used car wax after polishing. The application of liquid wax made my car radiate without any blemishes.
  • The detailer applied coatings of paint protection after waxing to keep its spotless appearance intact. This ceramic paint protection has saved my car from attacks of pollutants, hard-water and chemicals.
  • It requires zero maintenance and gives additional protection against the damage of UV rays.


  • The auto-detailer used a proprietary non-woven pad to apply ECW’s Glass Polish on the outer surface of the windshield.
  • The polishing removed the blemishes and prepared the surface for application of Glass Cleaner.
  • The auto-detailer applied the Glass Cleaner with a sponge to remove tiny specs of residue. He finished the detailing work with the application of ECW’s Glass Protector.
  • This unique product has improved my visibility with its anti-glaring features. It does not let water droplets or dust particles remain on the surface. Hence, it saves the windshield from unsightly spots or scratches.



  • The auto-detailer used pressurized jets of steam and hot water to clean the engine compartment. He removed the excess water with ECW’s micro-fibre cloth. He used a dry-air compressor to vaporize even one drop of water. I was unable to recognize the engine compartment of my car. It became spotless within a few minutes.
  • He coated the parts, corners and curves of this compartment with a proprietary engine lacquer. He sprayed the solution in an overlapping fashion for maximum coverage.
  • This coating is saving my car’s engine from corrosive damages. It has prevented the migration and radiation of heat. The slippery solution has reduced the friction between various parts.

Interior Detailing

AC Treatment:

  • The interior of my car also received detailed cleaning. The auto-detailer used a foam-tipped cleaner to remove dusts from A/C duct. He used a proprietary AC cleaning solution.
  • He cleaned the AC vent with a microfiber cloth and used a flexible tube to clean its unreachable parts. Now, I enjoy dust-free and germ-free cold air inside my car.

Leather Conditioning:

I always stayed worried about the condition of my leather upholsteries. ECW has put an end to my anxieties. The auto-detailer removed dust, dirt and stains with ECW’s leather cleaner. He wiped the upholsteries clean and applied premium-quality leather conditioner. This conditioner has saved my upholsteries from further staining.


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