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Enhance Longevity of Your Car with Expert Car Cleaning & Car Detailing Services

Is your car lacking its previous glory due to regular driving? Has car cleaning been a tiresome task for you? If your answer is yes, you will need the help of experts. The outlets of Exppress Car Wash will be your friends in need. You will avail tailor-cut services through the trained personnel of this center. They combine skills with efficiencies of an automatic car washer and make your car spotless. Their car detailing service will turn your car impregnable to pollutants. You may select their services as per your necessities.


Car Washing Categories

You avail three different types of washing services through this expert car-cleaning facility. You will only notice the difference in types of services. The quality remains superb in every category.

Third Tier


On this tier, you will receive foam-cleaning of the exterior of your car. The engine compartment will turn dirt-free through steam cleaning. The tyre arches and underbody also become grime-free. The liquid polishing or waxing will add natural shine to your car.


The boot compartment and seats will receive vacuum cleaning. The dirty foot mats will turn spotless with washing. The dashboard will turn polished through gentle cleansing.

Middle Tier

The aforementioned cleaning services are included within this tier. You will receive some exclusive additional services. The experts will clean the alloy along with tyre arches. The side doors and door frames will also receive cleaning and polishing.

A specially formulated chemical will be sprayed on the windshield to turn it scratch-proof. The use of car-perfume will be an added specialty. Your car will not only look immaculate. It will also smell heavenly.

First Tier

You will avail meticulous cleaning in this premium tier. The experts will not limit their services to cleaning, polishing and waxing. They will clean the upholsteries with mild shampoos. The moisture will damage your leather upholsteries. Suitable cleansers will be used to clean these products. The doors, tyre arches, dashboard, floor-mats, windshield, engine and boot compartments will receive similar treatments as per the middle tier.


Detailing Service

The detailing service will enhance the longevity of your car through paint-coating and other reconditioning measures.

The transparent and glossy surface-finish will turn the engine resistant to the attacks of rodents, grimes, fuel or hard-water.

The rotational scrubbing will remove the spots from the windshield. The application of protective coating will increase your visibility at night or in rainy seasons.

The air-quality inside your car will improve through cleaning of air-conditioning ducts and coils.

The thorough cleaning of alloy wheels and application of paint coating will enhance its appearance. This treatment will save you from witnessing any spider-web crack on alloy-frame.

Your leather upholsteries, carpets, vinyl products will receive intensive cleaning and stain removal. The use of proprietary chemicals will ensure the safety of your belongings.

The paint coating will restore and enhance the natural shine of your car. This coating will remove any imperfection and work as the shield against UV rays, pollutants and oxidation marks.

The executives of this car cleaning center will not only make your car shine. They will turn your precious automobile into your long-time companion through exclusive and detailed care.


Shine Your Car with Foam Car Wash of Automatic Car Washer

The regular transportation will make your car lose its shine due to the attacks of various pollutants. The environmental pollutants, such as dust, dirt and grimes, will reduce the exterior shine of your gradually. Your car may require regular cleaning in order to maintain its shiny appearance. If you have a busy work-schedule, it will be impossible for you to perform the task of regular cleaning. This car cleaning agency and its franchises will save you from performing this tedious task. They will make your car dazzle within a few minutes’ time. This establishment uses a variety of automatic car washer. Your precious vehicle will undergo foam car wash, gentle brushing and air-drying within a single session. You are only required to drive your car inside the cleaning machine and sit idly. Your car will turn spotless with the magic performances of these machines.


The Magic of M1

The moment you drive your car inside this machine, six nozzles will start sprinkling foamy solutions all over your car. The automatic controlling panel will prevent your car from skidding. Two external nozzles will sprinkle water simultaneously. Two vertically aligned brushes will move back and forth. These will clean the sides of your car in a slanting fashion. The horizontal rolling brush will move up and down. It will clean the top and front of your car. The rollover feature enables these movements of the brushes.

The round brushes present on either side of this machine will evenly clean the hubcaps and tyres in rotational movements. The under-chassis equipment’s will receive cleaning through the sprinklers set on the base. The machine will start drying your car with the help of high-speed air-dryers.


The Advance MNEX 22

This automatic machine is more flexible, efficient and versatile than the aforementioned automatic cleaner. Its roomy structure can easily accommodate sedans and SUVs. The use of galvanized steel has made this machine durable. The power transducers control the performances of the brushes (two vertical and one horizontal). It has four nozzles specified for waxing and four nozzles for shampooing. Its advance electronic circuit will let you select and activate the functions on your own.

The zero-angled high-pressure nozzles will start spraying your car with jets of water in an oscillating movement. These nozzles are placed on the top-side of the walls. The water is not sprayed on top of your car. Your car will experience no dripping due to this feature.

The jets of shampoos are sprayed after primary rinsing. It can remove stubborn grimes and dirt with powerful jets. Two vertical brushes perform cleaning with a 10-degree slant on each side. The horizontal brush performs cleaning of the front, top and back of the car in an overlapping fashion. The sprinklers placed on the base of the machine will clean the under-chassis equipment. The rims of the wheels are also cleaned with rotating high-pressure jets.

The horizontal dryers will dehumidify the front and back of your car. The side dryers will dehumidify the sides of your car.

These automatic car wash machines will make your car ready for the road within a few minutes. The soft bristles will cause no damage to your car. The foamy cleaning agent will restore its glow. The air-drying will save your car from witnessing any staining or corrosion due to the presence of water droplets.

Attention, Car Lovers! Get These Coats Done To Your Car for Better Life

Cars are the love of life for the owners irrespective of the gender. Both the sexes love Cars equally. The passion and craze for these hot wheels is so much so that owners study deep about every aspect of car. For such enthusiasts, Car Detailing is an important part of their study.

If you are one such car fanatic then you should know some of those crucial car care taking tips that would ease your life and makes the maintenance of your dear machine less expensive.


Coating of Car Parts :

On the Hoods

With good chemical resistance and excellent protection the use of a ceramic coating can do wonders. These coatings provide an ecstatic swirl free impact on your cases and cover of the car surfaces from all the unwanted dirt which gets visible and easy to clean off. These coatings also work well with protection against UV fading.

On the Bumper Trims

The plastic trims have a major concern with staying clean due to easily getting an access to all kinds of mud from underneath. This has to be replaced at times if the condition is worse. So getting an Opti Coat on the trim keeps all the UV impacts at bay with timely easy cleaning.


On the Lens

A long time issue of yellowing of the tail lamp lens and the front ones is a major concern. Coating them with an optimised UV protector and hence keeping it safe from all kinds of after effects gives you a good relief.

On the Glass

Yes the ceramic coating of Opti Coat on the keeps the glass shining and clear hence improved visibility as well as easy swiping off of frost and water is possible.

Such a kind of paint protection leaves your car to be more attractive and also makes sure that the Car Detailing is well kept. The major advantage of such a protection is to maintain the youth of your cars and allowing you to show them off in the best style possible year after year.

Cleaning of the Leather Parts

An intensive treatment for the skin of the seats involves rigorous cleaning with eco-friendly chemicals to remove mud, dirt, and stains from the seats.

The cleaning is done by an aerosol to avoid the annoying odor. Additionally, the other cleaning agents in the process do its work of extracting out all the stubborn stains and leave the interiors in a brand new avatar.

Parts like leather, plastics, carpets and rubber comes under such extreme cleansing process. This is actually a quick restoration of your classy leather seats giving it a look which seems natural and untouched.

Others Miscellaneous Coats

The underbody parts, steering wheel and AC also has its own kind of Opti coats that ensures longer work life.

Have a happy time with your car in the future.

Learn the Tricks to Keep Your Car Brand New

While earlier car cleaning was only about soap and detergents, we have surely come a long way from that. Today, there are big car wash stations dedicated to the job of cleaning up the car properly. and not only cleaning it, but they when you take your car or any other vehicle for servicing, they clean up your car inside out and look for any defects. It is part of the job to do so and clean or fix the problem if there any.

One of the crucial parts of car cleaning today is car detailing. India is fairly new to the concept but we are catching on. Not only this, with so many choices to go for, it becomes even tough to decide on a single type of car and this is the reason why many Indians are confused when they purchase a car for the first time. There are two options when you are buying a car, you can either buy a brand new one or go for a car that has already been used and recycled. If you are of the view that a second hand car won’t be a good one, then you couldn’t be more wrong.


Second hand cars are made with extra care and there is an added touch of shine to it, all thanks to car detailing in India. If you are still not sure about the benefits of car detailing, then let me put it for you in simpler terms.

If there is a dent in your car and you really don’t know what to do about it, wouldn’t you love it if it got fixed somehow? Well, welcome to the world of car detailing.

In car detailing, the cars are thoroughly waxed, cleaned and polished before giving it back to the customer. Many car wash stations are providing this facility today if you are ready to pay up a little extra. There are three stages of car detailing – exterior, interior and engine detailing.


Car detailing is not only about cleaning up the car or improving its aesthetic value but it also helps in raising the market value of a car that has already been used.

Coming to exterior detailing, the most important part of this process is paint protection. The worst that could happen to your car is the scraping of paint. And if you are looking for a way to protect your car from rock chip and debris, then getting a layer of paint on your car is the best way to go about it. Paint protection is done for the sake of keeping the paint intact.

The common paint protection coatings used in the car washing industry are:

  • Avery
  • 3M
  • Venture
  • Llumar

The most common areas of the cars which need paint protection are the hood and front bumpers of the vehicle.

All the three stages of car detailing start with the simple process of vacuuming. So, if you are planning to go for car detailing, make sure you know the facts of it.

Get the Right Car Detailing For a Great Car

For people who love their four-wheelers, it is not a surprise that they keep their cars extremely clean. But, you are not doing everything for your car if you are not investing in the right kind of car detailing. This is an important part of maintaining your car or your car would lose the sheen and appeal gradually with time.

Also, getting the right kind of car detailing is important for paint protection. So, if you want to keep your car brand new, take some car detailing advice from us.

car detailing service

Many people opt for professional dealers for getting the detailing done, but why take all the trouble if you can easily do the job yourself with just a few products. The key to car detailing is to know your car properly and use the suitable chemicals and car wash products for its detailing and paint protection. Just because your neighbour is using a type of solution to shine his car, doesn’t mean you have to pick up the same one.

Where to start with the detailing?

If you are new and you have only cleaned your car this entire time, then you should start from the basics. The best place to start with the car detailing is the interior of your car. Detailing the interior would require you to remove all the mats from your car and then vacuum the upholstery and carpets of your car properly. All the dirt and the grime will be removed thoroughly and it won’t settle on the exterior of your car.

There are many ways to take out the stains and holes from your carpet and upholstery and when you are done with them, you should move on to the hard surfaces like the dashboard and rear windows and glasses. Using a damp cloth will do the job when it comes to the dashboard of your car.

There are different types of all-purpose cleaners available in the market to ensure that the interiors of your car looks not only clean but also shine in the sun. After this, start with cleaning the wheels of your car and remove any stain on the steering wheel with cotton swabs.

Never use vinyl on leathers as it will damage it completely.

No car detailing is complete without proper paint protection. And for this reason, you can either go to the car dealers or use a good quality sealant at home. Although, some people may not take it seriously but getting paint protection for your car is important and it is advised to seek professional help. It seals the paint and ensures that the paint doesn’t come off due to any reason.

Some of the paint protection solutions used by car dealers include Supagaurd and Diamond rite. Earlier carnauba wax was used to help in this process but with newer technology and better alternatives, the wax is not used much, today. Protect the paint for restoring the sheen of your car for a longer period of time.

How To Detail The Car Interiors?

If you love your car, then you would know how to keep it clean all the time. But, do you think that alone is enough? There are a lot of other things people do to ensure that their car looks brand new and that is car detailing.  Surface cleaning is done regularly because it is needed on a weekly basis, but car detailing of your car upholstery needs to be done once or thrice a year.

However, you need to take required caution before getting the interiors done. When trying a new chemical, you need to try it out on part of the upholstery and then use it on the whole car. Car detailing includes using vacuum to clean up the car properly. It also requires you to clean the car doors, jams, dashboard and console.

Vacuum cleaning for the car

This one involves using a good quality car vacuum cleaner that comes with different attachments. The most important ones being the dust brush attachment and crevice attachment. These attachments will help you get in every single nook and corner of your car’s upholstery. It is important that your car’s upholstery looks extremely new once you have cleaned it properly.


The dashboard and console

The parts of your car that are in direct eyesight are dashboards and consoles. People may not directly look into the nook and corner of your car’s upholstery, but this one is obvious. You should clean this regularly and for that you need to wipe them with damp cobra microfiber towel. The dashboard takes in direct heat from the sun. To protect your console and glasses from sun’s harmful UV rays, you need to apply Detailer’s Pro Series Interior Surface Protectant, 303 Aerospace Protectant or Sonus Total Eclipse once in a month.

Door panels and jams

These collect the largest amount of dirt. The panel of your car’s door is made up of a lot of materials which includes vinyl, fabric, leather and carpet. You can scrub off the shoe marks and other stains from vinyl using 303 aerospace cleaner.

To reach the smallest nook and corner of your door handles, you need to clean them with a toothbrush and soapy water. However, you should always keep in mind to dry out the cleaned surfaces.


Carpets and floor mats

You need to get these cleaned properly and they do take time. They are made to withstand washing multiple times as they get dirty easily. You have to shampoo these parts of the car and before starting with that, a thorough vacuum session is absolutely necessary. The places on your carpets that have apparent spots should be cleaned with a good spot remover like Wolfgang Spot Eliminator.

You can also use a guard for your carpets like the 303 High Tech Fabric guard to protect them from unexpected spills and stains.

If you keep your car clean on a regular basis, then car detailing may not seem daunting to you and take lesser time.

Beating Five Challenges of Car Washing System

Thinking of starting a car wash business, then you must be aware of the risks that come with it or for that matter, starting any business. However, there are going to be shocks on your way and to deal with them the right way, you need to know more about the challenges that seem less obvious.

This is because when starting a car wash business, the challenges that seem less daunting are hardly the ones that ruin you.


Hidden finances

When you are starting a car wash franchise business, there will be huge costs involved and you must have amassed a lot of fortune. But, you cannot start a business with just the exact amount of money that is needed. You may have to shell out extra money due to unexpected costs like some glitches in the car machine or sudden need of labour. The point is anything can go wrong because starting a business is risky and you have to be prepared for it.

Consistency in your procedures

The starting of a business is always the tough job because you are new at it and you must have set some goals you want to achieve. This also creates chaos in your mind and among the workers. The key is consistency. Draft out all the procedures properly and try to be detailed about each process so that everyone does the right work because the last thing you want to do now is waste time.

Car Wash Franchise Opportunity

Be careful of being duped

When you are venturing out to start a new business, you will make deals and contracts on a regular basis. You have to look out for fraudulent activities and any other thing that could cost you your company. Read every document carefully and never fall for the tactics of a customer to extract a lot from you at lower costs.

Right motivation

This is one thing that you will need on a daily basis. Starting a Car Wash business, will take long days and nights and to get to the right place you need to put in efforts. There would be times when you won’t see the expected returns and this will beat you down, but you need to stay motivated and keep doing your job to attain success.

A new business will drain you at times but despite that you need to keep going. And being the owner of the company, you would be looked up to by your employees. Motivating yourself might not be an issue but motivating them to do their job right is essential and you have to do it.

Long hours without your family and friends

A business is a huge investment and you need to make sacrifices. One of the biggest challenges of starting a business is that it leaves you with no time for your social circle and personal life. If you can make your peace with it, then you will get the success early in life compared to everyone.