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Enjoy Fresh and Sanitized Car Ambiance through Steam Car Wash Services

The efficient auto-detailers of Exppress Car Wash are famous for premium car detailing services in NCR. This detailing Centre is popular for a variety cleaning packages. I have been the loyal customer of this cleaning and detailing center for many years. The senior executives of ECW have always introduced innovative techniques to its car wash services. The latest addition to the list of ECW’s car cleaning equipment is SteamJet automatic machine. This unique machined cleaned and waxed the exterior of my car at one go. The cleaning expert also used the steam-jets to clean my car’s interior excluding the wax.

exppress steam car cleaning

SteamJet Features

  • The auto-cleaner needed only 400 cc of purified water to clean my car exteriors and interiors.
  • The machine needed only 200 watts of power to generated pressurized steams for efficient car cleaning.
  • This machine can perform in eight different phases and has 28 different levels of steam-moisture control. The level of steam and moisture depends upon the level of dirt accumulation.
  • The advance microprocessor of this machine automatically controls its functions. This device is capable of informing the cleaning expert regarding any malfunction through its LED panel.
  • The stainless-steel structure of this machine protects the interior elements from rust’s corrosive attacks.

SteamJet Cleaning

  • The expert auto-cleaner of ECW used a gun-shaped tool to clean and wax my car with SteamJet’s unique mechanism.
  • This machine had separate buttons for separate operations. It also had separate chambers for liquid car-wax and purified water. The wax mixes with steam inside the machine. The ingenuity of this device astonished me throughout the cleaning process.
  • The auto-cleaner could handle the steam pressure level, moisture level and wax blending ratio through control buttons on the front panel.
  • He sprayed the exterior surface with wax filled jets of steam. The dirt and grime particles dripped off the surface. The auto-cleaner used ECW’s microfiber cloth to wipe the surface dry. I could not believe the smoothness my car’s exterior surface received after single wash.
  • The cleaning expert used the steam to remove the tough grimy stains of wheels, hubcaps and mudguards. These areas received a soft glow due to the presence of car wax.
  • The waxy steam also cleaned my car’s engine compartment without any damage to the wiring or instruments. The auto-cleaner attached a lance-shaped device to the gun to clean the compact areas of engine compartment. The coating of wax added shine to the engine compartment.
  • The jets of waxy steam were also used to clean the frames, glasses and grooves of doors. The glasses and knobs of doors started reflecting light after the waxy cleaning.
  • The cleaning expert turned off the wax-mixing mechanism and cleaned my car’s interior with steam. The gentle and pressure-controlled steams are suitable for soft fabrics and headlining of the interior roof.
  • SteamJet has removed stains from seat-covers, floor-mats and leather steering wheel covers. The powerful steam has killed the germs residing inside my car. My family and I enjoy a fresh ambiance every day and I owe thanks to SteamJet’s unique car wash services.

The Available Service Types of Car Wash Company

Different service types are available from Car Wash Company. Operating styles at these places is varied. Exterior washes form the basis of all available conveyor options. Nowadays, very few services include finishing at the exit end or manual prepping. This is possible due to advancements in equipment design, detergents and wash materials. Everything today is computerised. The new operator learning curve has decreased along with a reduction in labor expenses. Technology development has made this possible.


Flex serve car washes

This combines full service and express exterior solutions. You can make the most of automatic wash packages with its express, interior detailing options. During the washing process, you can stay within the car without problems. The route towards the exit passes vacuum islands. In the full-service scenario, you make the most of after-care area. Here the attendants will vacuum car, clean windows, along with the detailing solutions you choose. This is for broad customer bases.

Benefits of this arrangement are many for car detailing business. The throughput volume is quite high with reduced expense of labor. Whatever your preferences, the service will consider those. However, for this kind of services, the land requirement is expansive so is the training, management requirement.

Self-serve car washes

As the name suggests, in this kind of car washes, the involvement of the customer is quite high. Here you can purchase the wash time in lieu of coins or tokens. All the equipment or ingredients that you might want are available. This includes especially formulated chemicals, water guns at high pressure, and brushes. Automatic machine at the wash bay will move over the car.

All the while, brushes and water at high pressure will also be at work on its exterior surface. This kind of services does not require much space and remain open round the clock. However, these are ideal for low volume washes as it is quite time consuming. People will take long hours to complete the process. There are no restrictions after all. Supervision might or might not be present. It is possible to wash a single car at a time.


Full-service car washes

There will be an attendant at every step at such car washer. You can select both the extra services as well as wash levels as per the requirement. Place your vehicle here and you can go to convenience store nearby. Alternatively, you might also stay at the waiting area of the retail. While you wait, your car will undergo thorough wash, vacuuming, window cleaning, and detailing. Since, labor costs are increasing by the day, at most places you will come across automated machines nowadays. This decreases the costs of car washing while offering higher level of accuracy and satisfaction. Benefits include short tunnel length with reduced requirement of land.

So, when you want to restore the original luster or the shine of the old vehicle, Car Wash Company can help. Car detailing business along with car washer makes it appear as if it just rolled out of the showroom.

Enhance the Performance of Car with Proper Car Cleaning & Car Detailing

The premium detailing service of Exppress Car Wash is perfect for the lovers of automobiles. I was skeptical about the authenticity of the roadside detailing centers for the precious automobile of mine. The envious reputation of Exppress Car Wash convinced me about availing the car detailing service of it. The genteel behavior of the executives and the careful servicing of the detailers made me fall in love with the work of this center.


The Windshield Treatment

  • The professional cleaners used car-friendly cleaning materials at the time of cleaning the windshield.
  • The international laboratories of USA and Australia have certified these materials to be safe for automobiles.
  • These cleaning agents removed tough marks of water and oxidation with the help of a rotary polisher.
  • The ECW glass-cleaner was used with ECW sponge and the remaining residue was wiped-off with microfiber cloth.
  • The ECW sponge was used to apply a fine layer of ECW glass protector.

This protective coating has saved me from the attack of blinding glares.

The Brain of My Car

The engine of a car works as its brain.

  • The engine compartment of my car received thorough cleaning with the use of steamed water jets. The cleanliness surprised me.
  • The ECW microfiber cloth wiped away the presence of excess water.
  • The Air Compressor System dried the entire compartment.
  • The ECW engine lacquer was sprayed vertically and horizontally covering the entire compartment and its edges. This made the compartment look new.

It has been months since the treatment. I am still enjoying an unclogged engine with well-performing hoses and electrical wiring.

The Arms and Legs

The four wheels of a car work as four appendages.

  • The alloyed fittings of my car lost their glories. These became dusty and grimy with regular usage.
  • The high-pressured jets of cold water were used to clean the grimes off the wheels.
  • The mix of a multi-surface cleaner was sprayed to clean the alloyed hinges thoroughly with different types of brushes.
  • The Alloy Wheel Cleaner and layers of Alloy Wheel Protector were used simultaneously with dry ECW sponges.
  • The wheels were wiped clean with microfiber cloths after 30-minutes of drying.

The Body Polishing

The body of my car received many scratches.

  • The specialists used a rotary polisher to remove the fine layers of the paint.
  • The rubbing compound removed the damaged layer of the paint. This treatment revealed the original color of the automobile hidden underneath.
  • The abrasive compounds made the surface look smooth.
  • A fine coat of paint protection was applied thereafter.
  • The wet-look finishing enhanced the glossy appearance of my car.

This finishing layer is still protecting my car from the attacks of stubborn stains, oxidation, mild-to-moderate scratches, and UV-ray damages.


Going Underneath

The undersurface of any car receives harshest damages.

  • The apparatus present underneath the car were properly cleaned.
  • The coating of a protective paint was sprayed on all the mechanical parts present underneath with the use of a special spraying machine.
  • This layer is protecting the under chassis from the attacks of debris and gravels.
  • It provides excellent insulation to this area and saves it from the attack of rusty corrosion.

The AC compartment was properly serviced. The leather seats and floor mats also received thorough cleaning through upholstery cleaners. I received something refiner than car cleaning in Exppress Car Wash Center.

7 Insights of a Washing Session with Your Car

There are rules for everything. When it’s about cleaning even there we have rules. Without following a particular pattern even washing a car goes useless. Any thoughts!? We have some; let us share them with you:

Car Cleaning is an art in itself. There are major and minor steps that one should know about when you give your cars for washing processes.

car wash exppresscarwash.com

First, the seats

When a car arrives for washing it needs to have a warm up session. A vacuuming procedure occurs first on the seats and boot. This makes sure that all the moisture and humidity goes off the car.

Second, the exteriors

Tyres, boots, Underbody parts and trims are next. These are cleaned by simple foaming which has cleaning agents that clean out all the dirt and oil.  These foams are administered in the form of steam or hot water as well especially for the Underbody parts of the car.

Car Cleaning exppresscarwash.com

Third, the interior accessories

Foot mats, interior roofs, door frames and other Plastic covers or cases that alter with the car models, need a good car washer to understand. This way the washer knows the polishing, waxing and drying aspect, too!

Fourth, the finish

After all the efforts of foaming, cleaning and drying comes as the closing step. Then the car is filled with sprays of chemicals like anti fungal agents in the form of perfumes. Scented agents are added to the sprays to keep the liveliness of the interiors. Door frames and mats are also treated with these chemicals.

Special Treatments

On special demand, if the Polish has started wearing off or never been done then make sure you get the most perfect ceramic coatings or polishing done to keep your cars scratch free.

In the car wash business this is one of the crucial steps that is substantial and essential in order to make your car live longer and brighter.

Upholstery Cleaning

Finally, when your car is your love, you would be decorating it with designer upholsteries. The aesthetics of your car is also a responsibility which is needed to keep the thrill of newness. Cleaning of all those beautiful covers, sheets and mats also come as a part of regular Car Cleaning.

Before It Gets To You

Before you take your car back home the car washers use a special suction pump to suck out the odor of all chemicals they used so that the ambience of the car is comfortable. This fresh feel won’t be enough. The car has to be feasible for humans to travel as well. So removing the excess chemicals is necessary.

So next time you set your dates for the Car Cleaning make sure you take the right dates for the washing procedure. These processes do take time. But there are washers who would help you get these proceedings done within a day or two with expertise machines and man power. Choose the right kind of service and get your car washed one in every six months at least. If a regular user for long trips the timings can be more frequent.

Car Wash Business is A Lucrative Investment

Business is a risky affair and not everyone is deemed for profits. If you are looking for a niche to invest in where you will find regular profits, then the best place to start is a business that will never run out of customers.

India has many places to invest in but the most lucrative of them all is technology and automobiles. Convenience comes from cars and bikes and people will never stop buying them. And with cars no longer being a luxury, you can easily start a car wash business.

However, even this business has its own risk. The number one rule of starting a business is to know where you are putting in your money. Learn all about the trade and be the best in the market. Also, starting a business from scratch or looking for something that is already well established, these are few things that you will have to think about first.


Starting a business from ground zero can be challenging and if you have the assets and resources, then you can always start a car wash franchise. A franchise essentially means a business that is taken over.

Whichever option you are going for, there are certain things that you need to keep in your mind as they will help you propel your business and earn huge profits from this simple business.

  1. Get the right cleaning machines

No need to buy high-end machines that will cost you a bomb. The trick here is to invest wisely and get the job done. You don’t want to spend all your money on the cleaning machines itself. However, don’t fall for the extremely useless machines that are good for nothing just because you can save up on a bit of money. Do your research before making any kind or purchase. Ordering in bulk is always good but if you are not sure about what you are buying, then there is no shame in taking the help of a person who knows everything about the trade.

You will need to invest in different types of machines because a car washing business does a lot of job at the same time.

  1. Green chemicals are the best option

Buying the right machines is not the only deal; you will have to focus on the right cleaning agents too. Synthetic cleaning agents often do more harm than good and you should steer clear of them.

If you want to do great business, then investing in green chemicals is the right thing to do. They don’t have any toxic substances in them and will help you clean the cars efficiently.

  1. Quick delivery means happy customers

Try and use all the car cleaning machines that will speed up the process and also ensure that you can deliver the car quickly to the customers. Keep the time for car delivery after cleaning within a couple hours and you will have satisfied and happy customers. This means more business for you.

Beating Five Challenges of Car Washing System

Thinking of starting a car wash business, then you must be aware of the risks that come with it or for that matter, starting any business. However, there are going to be shocks on your way and to deal with them the right way, you need to know more about the challenges that seem less obvious.

This is because when starting a car wash business, the challenges that seem less daunting are hardly the ones that ruin you.


Hidden finances

When you are starting a car wash franchise business, there will be huge costs involved and you must have amassed a lot of fortune. But, you cannot start a business with just the exact amount of money that is needed. You may have to shell out extra money due to unexpected costs like some glitches in the car machine or sudden need of labour. The point is anything can go wrong because starting a business is risky and you have to be prepared for it.

Consistency in your procedures

The starting of a business is always the tough job because you are new at it and you must have set some goals you want to achieve. This also creates chaos in your mind and among the workers. The key is consistency. Draft out all the procedures properly and try to be detailed about each process so that everyone does the right work because the last thing you want to do now is waste time.

Car Wash Franchise Opportunity

Be careful of being duped

When you are venturing out to start a new business, you will make deals and contracts on a regular basis. You have to look out for fraudulent activities and any other thing that could cost you your company. Read every document carefully and never fall for the tactics of a customer to extract a lot from you at lower costs.

Right motivation

This is one thing that you will need on a daily basis. Starting a Car Wash business, will take long days and nights and to get to the right place you need to put in efforts. There would be times when you won’t see the expected returns and this will beat you down, but you need to stay motivated and keep doing your job to attain success.

A new business will drain you at times but despite that you need to keep going. And being the owner of the company, you would be looked up to by your employees. Motivating yourself might not be an issue but motivating them to do their job right is essential and you have to do it.

Long hours without your family and friends

A business is a huge investment and you need to make sacrifices. One of the biggest challenges of starting a business is that it leaves you with no time for your social circle and personal life. If you can make your peace with it, then you will get the success early in life compared to everyone.