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The Available Service Types of Car Wash Company

Different service types are available from Car Wash Company. Operating styles at these places is varied. Exterior washes form the basis of all available conveyor options. Nowadays, very few services include finishing at the exit end or manual prepping. This is possible due to advancements in equipment design, detergents and wash materials. Everything today is computerised. The new operator learning curve has decreased along with a reduction in labor expenses. Technology development has made this possible.


Flex serve car washes

This combines full service and express exterior solutions. You can make the most of automatic wash packages with its express, interior detailing options. During the washing process, you can stay within the car without problems. The route towards the exit passes vacuum islands. In the full-service scenario, you make the most of after-care area. Here the attendants will vacuum car, clean windows, along with the detailing solutions you choose. This is for broad customer bases.

Benefits of this arrangement are many for car detailing business. The throughput volume is quite high with reduced expense of labor. Whatever your preferences, the service will consider those. However, for this kind of services, the land requirement is expansive so is the training, management requirement.

Self-serve car washes

As the name suggests, in this kind of car washes, the involvement of the customer is quite high. Here you can purchase the wash time in lieu of coins or tokens. All the equipment or ingredients that you might want are available. This includes especially formulated chemicals, water guns at high pressure, and brushes. Automatic machine at the wash bay will move over the car.

All the while, brushes and water at high pressure will also be at work on its exterior surface. This kind of services does not require much space and remain open round the clock. However, these are ideal for low volume washes as it is quite time consuming. People will take long hours to complete the process. There are no restrictions after all. Supervision might or might not be present. It is possible to wash a single car at a time.


Full-service car washes

There will be an attendant at every step at such car washer. You can select both the extra services as well as wash levels as per the requirement. Place your vehicle here and you can go to convenience store nearby. Alternatively, you might also stay at the waiting area of the retail. While you wait, your car will undergo thorough wash, vacuuming, window cleaning, and detailing. Since, labor costs are increasing by the day, at most places you will come across automated machines nowadays. This decreases the costs of car washing while offering higher level of accuracy and satisfaction. Benefits include short tunnel length with reduced requirement of land.

So, when you want to restore the original luster or the shine of the old vehicle, Car Wash Company can help. Car detailing business along with car washer makes it appear as if it just rolled out of the showroom.


Condition Your Car Properly with Car Detailing India

If you are in love with your car, then you want to enjoy the company of your vehicle for a long period of time. The car-detailing service can help you efficiently maintain both the interior and the exterior health of your car. It is easy to confuse car detailing with car washing. In reality, a detailing service provides you with the thorough cleaning of the exterior and interior. A reputable car cleaning India Company offering detailing services helps you extend the longevity of your car.


Get Liberated from Optical Illusion

The windshield of your car protects you from dust and rain. It enables you to view the road without any environmental obstacle. So, proper care of windshield is essential.

During general cleaning your windscreen will only receive surface-cleaning with detergents and sponges. During a detailing service your windscreen will be treated exclusively. An automatic cleaning machine will remove the marks of water and oxidation from the surface of the screen.

After deep-cleaning, a fine protective layer will be applied on the outer-surface. It is an anti-glare coating and is significantly useful when you are driving through harsh sunlight or on a two-way street at night.

This fine coating will also save the windscreen from getting spotted by the rainwater or scratched by the dust.


Help Your Car Keep A Cool Head

  • The engine is the most important part of your car. It works as the brain of your automobile. Without a properly active engine, your car will turn motionless. So, during the detailing process, the engine compartment receives the most exclusive care.
  • The detailers first check the activity of your engine.
  • If it is performing properly, then it is cleaned of road grimes and burnt residues of petrol or diesel.
  • After that the engine parts and the hoses are painted with high-gloss slippery coatings.
  • This coating keeps rodents at arm’s length. So, it saves the electrical wiring, or hoses attached to the engine from getting chewed by them. Hence, this coating keeps the brain of your car safe and secure.

Going Underneath

The under surface of your car is a maze of different types of engineering. These tools stay closer to the road. Hence, they are frequently harmed by the shards of concrete or chip-stones and road grimes. Subsequently, the activities of these appliances decrease within a short period of time.

  • An expert Detailer will at first clean all the equipment properly.
  • The detailer will paint this equipment with layers of protective coating. As a result, these apparatus will be able to withstand the force of nature efficiently. So, it will increase the performance of your car significantly.

Proper Internal Care

After undergoing an exterior checkup, the interiors will be also be treated. The leather seats and other upholsteries will be properly cleaned and polished.

  • In case of leather materials, a mild chemical solution will be used to remove any kind of powerful stain or grime from the seats.
  • Leathers are extremely sensitive to humidity. So, alongside the cleaning, the seats will also be air-dried. This will save the interior of your car from developing any kind of foul odor.
  • Lastly, a coat of conditioner will be applied to add gloss to the surface of the leather materials.
  • A coat of fabric protector will be sprayed upon the surfaces of the plastic or rubber materials. This will save any deep stain from getting inside the covering of your seats. So, you will be able to wipe any stain off the surface of such materials easily.

So, if your car is the darling of your heart, then do not just opt for a simple car cleaning. Instead, treat your car exclusively with the help of reliable car detailing India.

Learn the Tricks to Keep Your Car Brand New

While earlier car cleaning was only about soap and detergents, we have surely come a long way from that. Today, there are big car wash stations dedicated to the job of cleaning up the car properly. and not only cleaning it, but they when you take your car or any other vehicle for servicing, they clean up your car inside out and look for any defects. It is part of the job to do so and clean or fix the problem if there any.

One of the crucial parts of car cleaning today is car detailing. India is fairly new to the concept but we are catching on. Not only this, with so many choices to go for, it becomes even tough to decide on a single type of car and this is the reason why many Indians are confused when they purchase a car for the first time. There are two options when you are buying a car, you can either buy a brand new one or go for a car that has already been used and recycled. If you are of the view that a second hand car won’t be a good one, then you couldn’t be more wrong.


Second hand cars are made with extra care and there is an added touch of shine to it, all thanks to car detailing in India. If you are still not sure about the benefits of car detailing, then let me put it for you in simpler terms.

If there is a dent in your car and you really don’t know what to do about it, wouldn’t you love it if it got fixed somehow? Well, welcome to the world of car detailing.

In car detailing, the cars are thoroughly waxed, cleaned and polished before giving it back to the customer. Many car wash stations are providing this facility today if you are ready to pay up a little extra. There are three stages of car detailing – exterior, interior and engine detailing.


Car detailing is not only about cleaning up the car or improving its aesthetic value but it also helps in raising the market value of a car that has already been used.

Coming to exterior detailing, the most important part of this process is paint protection. The worst that could happen to your car is the scraping of paint. And if you are looking for a way to protect your car from rock chip and debris, then getting a layer of paint on your car is the best way to go about it. Paint protection is done for the sake of keeping the paint intact.

The common paint protection coatings used in the car washing industry are:

  • Avery
  • 3M
  • Venture
  • Llumar

The most common areas of the cars which need paint protection are the hood and front bumpers of the vehicle.

All the three stages of car detailing start with the simple process of vacuuming. So, if you are planning to go for car detailing, make sure you know the facts of it.

What Does a Car Wash Franchise Opportunity Demands?

Gone are the days when you had to wait for hours to get your car cleaned. Today, everything happens with the blink of an eye and if it is not fast enough, then it is not going to be a hit. This is the reason why car wash franchises are raking in more professionalism in their methods and cleaning cars in minutes. If you are planning to get in a profitable franchise business, then you need to learn about the next big thing in the industry of car wash business.

Earlier there was only car washing, but today there is another added feather to this new franchise opportunity, which is car polishing. So, not only you get your car cleaned to the best possible manner but you get a brand new look for your car.

What does the whole process involve?

Car washing is something that everyone knows about, but what does car polishing involve? Car polishing involves the beautification of the car and this is done by washing, cleaning, drying, polishing, detailing, servicing or otherwise providing cosmetic care to your cars. A car wash franchise opportunity can be very lucrative if started properly and with meticulous planning.

There are various services offered and different types of ingredients used to clean and polish your car. All this depends on the car wash franchise you go to. The various processes that could be used include mild pressure, hot water, steam, foam and detergents. You can either go for full time services or part time services.

Franchise Opportunity

How to establish a successful car wash franchise?

Starting a car wash business in India is easy but establishing as a successful franchise is the tough part. One needs to put in a lot of research and visit the already established firms to get an idea on the type of car wash present in the industry and how everything works.

More than that, one needs to come up with a good location. Not everyone owns a car in India. Unlike America, in India it is not a luxury and setting up your car wash business in a posh area will help you attract customers.

How much you can invest becomes the crucial factor since you are starting a business. You need to calculate every kind of expenses right from getting the materials and setting up the car wash franchise to hiring the labour. Then, there are overhead expenses which are inevitable. If you are planning to provide add on services, then the costs for that will also be on your shoulders.

So, planning your finances is crucial because you don’t want to go bankrupt if your car wash franchise does not work out in the end. If you are confident about your plan, then you can always approach the bank to get a loan. But, you need to go with proper plan of your business then only the bank will contemplate giving you loan.

As lucrative as this business opportunity sounds, a lot needs to be done before you venture out for charting your own car wash franchise.

Why Start A Car Wash Business?

The past few years have seen a drastic increase in people opting to start a business in India. One way or another, people are opting out of the regular nine to five work pattern and finding ways to start ‘on their own’ with minimum capital investment.

New, creative, and mind-blowing ways of doing business and business models are seen quite frequently throughout the country. Even giving information on how to establish them has become a new form of business!

When it comes to lucrative business, franchise opportunity is the newest trend in town. In a nutshell, franchise means you are authorized to sell a particular good or service of another company under your company. You get to use their technical expertise, their brand logo and trademark, and you share the profits with them. Thus, all the groundwork is already done for you, and you simply sell the product. This business model has been quite a hit for some time now.

With all the businesses going up, it has become increasingly difficult to identify a profitable franchise business, which is easy to establish and earns profits quickly. Yet, after thorough investigation, it has become clear that the most lucrative way to start a business in India would be to start a car wash franchise.

Professional car wash business and franchise are rarely seen in India and are a need of the hour…literally! The amount of dust in our nation is quite high and cars do become unclean quite quickly. Furthermore, time is a luxury, not owned by many car owners in India. A quick visit to a car wash franchise could help solve this problem and could mean profits in many ways not just to the common citizens of our nation, but also to the franchisee owners.

This new business opportunity could help boost your profits in India. The required technical skill sets, infrastructure, and trainers are readily available. For example, waxing and brushless cleaning are the most common tools used in the business. Several other car washing and cleaning techniques can be explored as per the needs and the locality served.

Mobile car washing is a good way to kick-start the business. Franchisers usually opt for this technique to understand the needs of the people in any specific locality and then, after confirmation of the tools to be used, they would suggest the franchisee to establish a full-fledged shop for the car wash. This technique is profitable for both the franchiser and the franchisee as the risk of loss of capital investment is at a minimum.

Starting a car wash business could be the most profitable franchise business to establish yourself in the market. India is a market that many franchisers are willing to invest in and competition is at a minimum here. So, if you want to start a franchise, give the carwash franchisers a chance to help your investments grow into a chain of carwash franchisees! – Karan Sethi – Director (Exppress Car Wash)

Professional Car Washing and Detailing is the Perfect Cleaning Service

Professional car washing and detailing services use special set of tools for thorough cleaning of your vehicle that includes removal of road grime and dirt inside-out in complete detail. Ultimately, you are going to get a sparkling car that looks like new, in an excellent condition retaining high resale value. The challenge remains for the owners to find a quality detailing service that ensures the overhauling of all the components of your vehicle. This includes the following:

Effective paint care

Naturally, your car paint is extremely delicate and prone to scratching. Good car wash, detailing services know how to maintain this paint and for this, they generally undertake a 3-step procedure for cleaning, correcting, and protecting the surface. Cleaning step involves proper washing, drying, for removal of external grime and dirt. Application of clay bar removes clear coat contaminants as tar, industrial fallout, dirt, and metal particles. After this, optional paint polishing is the next step for removing fine scratches and swirl marks before opti coat application for optimal paint protection and a shining surface.

Wheels and chassis

The care chassis and undercarriage requires effective cleaning just as the rest of the exterior. Besides thorough cleaning of the underbody region, professionals also include wheel wells as well as the region around main suspension components like control arms and anti-roll bars. Plastic protector is applied to fender inner lines and splash plastic guards. Also, thorough washing of tires and wheels is important before the application of protectant to improve luster and guard against cracking and corrosion.

Exterior trims, taillights, and headlights

Reputed car detailing services apply top of the line polishing compounds on the taillights and headlights of the vehicle that show oxidation signs. One crucial step after this is application of plastic sealant for proper sealing. Cleaning of chrome trim is important besides dressing of plastic or vinyl trim using a protectant. This will prevent fading and cracking. Besides cleaning of rubber and plastic professionals may also clean the exhaust polished tips or the chrome.

Interior detailing requirements

Keeping the interior of your car looking like new and clean is as important as its exterior shine. No one knows that better than the detailing services that you hire. However, the extent of such detailing is minimal to include the various seating and carpeting surfaces. Upholstery cleaning is quite important and professionals may use a steam cleaner for the purpose or may even resort to shampooing. Besides, it is also important to dress up all the vinyl and plastic surfaces associated with the vehicle interior along with cleaning and conditioning of leather. Your professional service may even include the trunk area as a part of their detailing job.

Engine bay

It is important to remember that the engine may not be part of the standard package and you need to request for it with additional charges for the same. You shouldn’t miss this important component as it is a crucial part of automotive detailing just like underbody coating. Service providers first mist the engine with water before application of degreaser. This is followed by rinse cleaning.

The Exppress Car Wash Services

It is often said that a man’s attitude towards life is determined by the way he treats his car. So don’t let a rainy day leave a bad stain on your personality. Don’t ignore your car’s maintenance, get it cleaned and oiled for an outstanding performance. But often it becomes very hard for you to decide on the kind of maintenance your car needs or where should you get your car washed from. Choosing the right car cleaning workshop among all the available options can be a tiring and confusing process. The Exppress car wash services bring to you a professional optimized car wash service which would take care of all these particulars for you while you enjoy a cup of tea back at our car wash station.


About us

The Express car wash service is brought to you by the Manmachine Group which is a revolutionary face in the world of professional mechanized cleaning solutions and services. We have our car wash units spread throughout the country and now we bring our world class car wash services to your home town Gurgaon. So, drive into any of our car washing outlets to experience a prompt and hassle free car washing service as your car gets pampered by our state of the art equipments that too at an affordable price. In case you are in a hurry you need not worry, we value your time more than you do. In today’s fast paced world we get your car cleaned and polished professionally in just 20 minutes. Our plethora of car cleaning services include cutting edge technologies like the high pressure cleaning machines, spray extraction machines, high powered vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners and so on.

What can we do for you?

We provide a spectrum of services for you to choose from. We pay extra attention to car detailing. Services offered at our car wash stations include:

  • High pressure wash with the best accessories
  • Engine Cleaning with Hot water /steam wash
  • Body wash with Foam (euro std)
  • Under body/ tire arches Cleaning without gantry/lift with high pressure thus not disturbing wheel balance & alignment
  • Internal cleaning with suction vacuum using special Car Tool (Air blow cleaning method banned by Govt. of India)
  • Dash Board Cleaning and polishing
  • Foot mats cleaning and drying
  • Air vents and ash tray cleaning
  • Finally car body will be sprayed with liquid wax (euro std) to get shiny surface and protect the body from dirt/dust
  • Windows and mirrors cleaned inside out

 Our Outlets

The Exppress car wash service has its car wash stations at numerous locations in all major cities including your very own Gurgaon. Our Gurgaon outlet locations are:

  • Sector 57, Wazirabad Village, Near Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon
  • 404, Opposite JMD garden, Sohna Road, Gurgaon
  • Shop No. 1, Near Pearl Honda Showroom, Opposite Ardee City, Sector-52, Gurgaon
  • Old Delhi Road, Opposite Air Force Station, Next to Rangoli Garden, Gurgaon

You can walk into any of our car wash outlets for a refreshing car cleaning experience.

Call us now to book Opti Coat Pro treatment for your car @ 9717946888, 80-100-44000 OR visit our website http://bit.ly/1AZ1JdM