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Let Your Car Shine with Automatic Car Wash & Run Smoothly with Underbody Coating

I forgot to cover my car the last time I went on vacation. The result was inevitable. The garage saved her from bird droppings; though, she gathered piles of dust on the outer surface. The interior of the car also became dusty. I do not have an automatic car washer. The thought of manual cleaning left me on the verge of tears. A friend referred Exppress Car Wash for automatic car wash service treatment. Their diversified range of services astonished me. They convinced me to try the car underbody coating and I am still reaping its benefits. I have turned into their loyal customer since my first visit.

Unique Underbody Cleaning

  • The expert cleaners in ECW used high-pressured jets of water to clean the underbody of my car.
  • The unique lance for underbody wash had a bent lower portion to reach under the surface.
  • My car did not require any hydraulic lifting. The lance moved back and forth on a castor and cleaned the underbody with pressurized jets of water. The cleaner also used this lance to clean the fender.


Trigger Cleaning

  • The fender area received premium cleaning through a separate water spraying tool. This tool resembled a toy gun and it had an extended trigger attached to the barrel.
  • The cleaning expert attached a lance to this barrel and used the lance to clean the fender. He even used the jet-spraying gun to clean the tyres, wheel alloys and lower sides of my car.

Top & Side Cleaning

  • The auto-cleaner used a straight lance to remove dusts from my car’s roof with pressurized jets of foam and water. He followed the same method to clean the sides of my car. The tiny drops of water and foam put no pressure on the glass.
  • Firstly, he cleaned the loose dirt particles with jets of water. Secondly, he sprayed a foaming cleanser all over the car for stain removal. Finally, he cleaned the foam with pressurized jets of water.

Engine Cleaning

  • The engine compartment is the brain of any car and houses sensitive mechanical components. The pressurized jets of water may damage the tools present in this compartment. Hence, the professionals used steam cleaning instead of hot-water cleaning.
  • The micro droplets of steam caused no harm to the tools of engine compartment. The powerful steam cleaned the stains of grease, oil and dirt from this area within minutes.
  • The droplets of steam evaporated instantly and left nominal residue of water behind.


Interior Cleaning

  • The auto-cleaner used a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt or dust particles from the car’s floor and floor mats.
  • He used upholstery-cleaning machine to remove stains from the suede covers of my car’s seats. The inside of my car’s roof also received thorough cleaning with this machine.

Underbody Coating

The under-chassis area received additional servicing. The auto-cleaner coated this area with ECW’s platinum underbody coating. This unique formula has been saving my car’s under-chassis area from erosions, abrasions, vibratory damages and corrosive damages.


Make Your Car Look Gorgeous through Best Centre for Car Detailing India

Do you want a spa treatment for your precious automobile? Then you need to take your car to Exppress Car Wash. This car detailing center uses automatic car washer to make your car look gorgeous. Its skilled manpower and advance products have turned it into the best center for car detailing India. My car started glowing after receiving full-body conditioning. Your car is guaranteed to receive a royal treatment in this luxurious car detailing center.


Rubbing Treatment

I was worried about the fine dents my car received through regular usage. The auto-detailer asked me to relax. He promised to make my car shine like new and he kept his promise.

He used an automatic rubbing machine to remove the fine layer of my car’s paint. This paint-removal also effaced minute scratches and imperfections off my car’s body. This machine also removed oxidized coatings. My car was showing its true color after thorough rubbing.

Car Coating

The auto-detailer brushed my car’s body with fine layers of paint-protector. This particular service is known as glow treatment.

This transparent protective layer hardened after a few minutes. This clear coating was supposed to deflect dirt particles and save my car from all type of staining. It has been keeping its word for many months. The paint-protector prevented the development of any hard-water stains. It also protects my car from the damage of UV rays.

It also protects my car against chemical or salt attacks on the road. Now, I can easily wipe the dirt and grimes off with the single stroke of a soft cleaning cloth. This paint-protector makes my car shine like a mirror and make me feel proud of my car’s beauty.


Engine Cleaning

The dusty engine compartment of my car received the goodness of steam cleaning and protection of engine lacquer.

The auto-detailer cleaned the engine compartment with an automatic steam-cleaning machine. He used an air-compressor to dry the wet components of this chamber. He sprayed the ECW Engine Lacquer in vertical and overlapping strokes. This lacquer has been protecting the engine compartment from peeling, corrosion, flaking and cracking.

Windshield Treatment

I used to have a spotted windshield. Exppress Car Wash has helped my windshield lose its disgracing spots.

The detailer used ECW’s proprietary non-woven pad and glass-polish to wipe the spots off the windshield. He used an automatic rubbing machine. It cleaned the windshield in rotational movements. He removed excess residue with water and applied ECW’s Glass Cleaner with a sponge.

He applied ECW’s Glass Protector with a soft sponge. The protector took 30 minutes to set in action. It has been keeping the windshield free of any stains or spots. The spick-and-span windshield has increased my visibility. Its anti-glare component is protecting my eyes from blinding glares and has helped me drive confidently any time.

The interior, under chassis and wheels of my car received as exclusive care as the exterior. Even the air conditioner received thorough cleaning. The auto-detailer used ECW’s proprietary AC cleaning solution and sponge-tipped sticks to clean its narrow grooves. You are guaranteed to find this meticulous service in no other center for Car Detailing India.

The Available Service Types of Car Wash Company

Different service types are available from Car Wash Company. Operating styles at these places is varied. Exterior washes form the basis of all available conveyor options. Nowadays, very few services include finishing at the exit end or manual prepping. This is possible due to advancements in equipment design, detergents and wash materials. Everything today is computerised. The new operator learning curve has decreased along with a reduction in labor expenses. Technology development has made this possible.


Flex serve car washes

This combines full service and express exterior solutions. You can make the most of automatic wash packages with its express, interior detailing options. During the washing process, you can stay within the car without problems. The route towards the exit passes vacuum islands. In the full-service scenario, you make the most of after-care area. Here the attendants will vacuum car, clean windows, along with the detailing solutions you choose. This is for broad customer bases.

Benefits of this arrangement are many for car detailing business. The throughput volume is quite high with reduced expense of labor. Whatever your preferences, the service will consider those. However, for this kind of services, the land requirement is expansive so is the training, management requirement.

Self-serve car washes

As the name suggests, in this kind of car washes, the involvement of the customer is quite high. Here you can purchase the wash time in lieu of coins or tokens. All the equipment or ingredients that you might want are available. This includes especially formulated chemicals, water guns at high pressure, and brushes. Automatic machine at the wash bay will move over the car.

All the while, brushes and water at high pressure will also be at work on its exterior surface. This kind of services does not require much space and remain open round the clock. However, these are ideal for low volume washes as it is quite time consuming. People will take long hours to complete the process. There are no restrictions after all. Supervision might or might not be present. It is possible to wash a single car at a time.


Full-service car washes

There will be an attendant at every step at such car washer. You can select both the extra services as well as wash levels as per the requirement. Place your vehicle here and you can go to convenience store nearby. Alternatively, you might also stay at the waiting area of the retail. While you wait, your car will undergo thorough wash, vacuuming, window cleaning, and detailing. Since, labor costs are increasing by the day, at most places you will come across automated machines nowadays. This decreases the costs of car washing while offering higher level of accuracy and satisfaction. Benefits include short tunnel length with reduced requirement of land.

So, when you want to restore the original luster or the shine of the old vehicle, Car Wash Company can help. Car detailing business along with car washer makes it appear as if it just rolled out of the showroom.

Shine Your Car with Foam Car Wash of Automatic Car Washer

The regular transportation will make your car lose its shine due to the attacks of various pollutants. The environmental pollutants, such as dust, dirt and grimes, will reduce the exterior shine of your gradually. Your car may require regular cleaning in order to maintain its shiny appearance. If you have a busy work-schedule, it will be impossible for you to perform the task of regular cleaning. This car cleaning agency and its franchises will save you from performing this tedious task. They will make your car dazzle within a few minutes’ time. This establishment uses a variety of automatic car washer. Your precious vehicle will undergo foam car wash, gentle brushing and air-drying within a single session. You are only required to drive your car inside the cleaning machine and sit idly. Your car will turn spotless with the magic performances of these machines.


The Magic of M1

The moment you drive your car inside this machine, six nozzles will start sprinkling foamy solutions all over your car. The automatic controlling panel will prevent your car from skidding. Two external nozzles will sprinkle water simultaneously. Two vertically aligned brushes will move back and forth. These will clean the sides of your car in a slanting fashion. The horizontal rolling brush will move up and down. It will clean the top and front of your car. The rollover feature enables these movements of the brushes.

The round brushes present on either side of this machine will evenly clean the hubcaps and tyres in rotational movements. The under-chassis equipment’s will receive cleaning through the sprinklers set on the base. The machine will start drying your car with the help of high-speed air-dryers.


The Advance MNEX 22

This automatic machine is more flexible, efficient and versatile than the aforementioned automatic cleaner. Its roomy structure can easily accommodate sedans and SUVs. The use of galvanized steel has made this machine durable. The power transducers control the performances of the brushes (two vertical and one horizontal). It has four nozzles specified for waxing and four nozzles for shampooing. Its advance electronic circuit will let you select and activate the functions on your own.

The zero-angled high-pressure nozzles will start spraying your car with jets of water in an oscillating movement. These nozzles are placed on the top-side of the walls. The water is not sprayed on top of your car. Your car will experience no dripping due to this feature.

The jets of shampoos are sprayed after primary rinsing. It can remove stubborn grimes and dirt with powerful jets. Two vertical brushes perform cleaning with a 10-degree slant on each side. The horizontal brush performs cleaning of the front, top and back of the car in an overlapping fashion. The sprinklers placed on the base of the machine will clean the under-chassis equipment. The rims of the wheels are also cleaned with rotating high-pressure jets.

The horizontal dryers will dehumidify the front and back of your car. The side dryers will dehumidify the sides of your car.

These automatic car wash machines will make your car ready for the road within a few minutes. The soft bristles will cause no damage to your car. The foamy cleaning agent will restore its glow. The air-drying will save your car from witnessing any staining or corrosion due to the presence of water droplets.

7 Insights of a Washing Session with Your Car

There are rules for everything. When it’s about cleaning even there we have rules. Without following a particular pattern even washing a car goes useless. Any thoughts!? We have some; let us share them with you:

Car Cleaning is an art in itself. There are major and minor steps that one should know about when you give your cars for washing processes.

car wash exppresscarwash.com

First, the seats

When a car arrives for washing it needs to have a warm up session. A vacuuming procedure occurs first on the seats and boot. This makes sure that all the moisture and humidity goes off the car.

Second, the exteriors

Tyres, boots, Underbody parts and trims are next. These are cleaned by simple foaming which has cleaning agents that clean out all the dirt and oil.  These foams are administered in the form of steam or hot water as well especially for the Underbody parts of the car.

Car Cleaning exppresscarwash.com

Third, the interior accessories

Foot mats, interior roofs, door frames and other Plastic covers or cases that alter with the car models, need a good car washer to understand. This way the washer knows the polishing, waxing and drying aspect, too!

Fourth, the finish

After all the efforts of foaming, cleaning and drying comes as the closing step. Then the car is filled with sprays of chemicals like anti fungal agents in the form of perfumes. Scented agents are added to the sprays to keep the liveliness of the interiors. Door frames and mats are also treated with these chemicals.

Special Treatments

On special demand, if the Polish has started wearing off or never been done then make sure you get the most perfect ceramic coatings or polishing done to keep your cars scratch free.

In the car wash business this is one of the crucial steps that is substantial and essential in order to make your car live longer and brighter.

Upholstery Cleaning

Finally, when your car is your love, you would be decorating it with designer upholsteries. The aesthetics of your car is also a responsibility which is needed to keep the thrill of newness. Cleaning of all those beautiful covers, sheets and mats also come as a part of regular Car Cleaning.

Before It Gets To You

Before you take your car back home the car washers use a special suction pump to suck out the odor of all chemicals they used so that the ambience of the car is comfortable. This fresh feel won’t be enough. The car has to be feasible for humans to travel as well. So removing the excess chemicals is necessary.

So next time you set your dates for the Car Cleaning make sure you take the right dates for the washing procedure. These processes do take time. But there are washers who would help you get these proceedings done within a day or two with expertise machines and man power. Choose the right kind of service and get your car washed one in every six months at least. If a regular user for long trips the timings can be more frequent.

The Legacy Of Car Washers

Car washers have been there since the time man invented cars. A car is a big investment and it is only reasonable to keep it clean and try to restore its glory for as long as possible. Some people like washing their cars every Sunday with the classic sponge and detergent, but we all know that it is not enough in the long run.

Since there are so many car owners, there are different types of car washer too. All of them are famous for their unique characteristics and help to shine your car like brand new. And each of these comes with their own pros and cons.


Automatic car wash

The automatic car wash is a highly popular choice among car owners, today. You need to go to the nearest gas station to get your car cleaned with this one. Drive your car on the conveyor belt and you just have to put your car in neutral. The machines with hoses and nozzles will do the rest of the job. Some gas stations have also installed blow dryers to dry off your car at the end of the process.

If you are in a hurry, then this is the best way to get your car cleaned as it will help you save a few minutes. However, this type of car wash can damage the paint of your car and you don’t get a detailed cleaning of your car.

The better version of the above mentioned car washer is the Touchless automatic car wash machine. The main difference is that in this one, the water sprayers clean your car and not the hoses.


Self service car wash

This one has existed since days immemorial and it is for those who don’t have the space to wash their own car. You pay for the soap, water and space for washing your car at the station and you have to do the job on your own. The only advantage you get is that you can clean the car the way you like. However, it may cost you a little extra and you would have to spend long hours just waiting in a queue.

Auto detailing car wash

This is the best wash your car can get given you have the time and money. You just have to leave your car at the station and within a couple of hours, you will get a sparkling and thoroughly detailed car. The car washing stations clean the interiors and exteriors of your car and wax it. They blow dry it and ensure that there is no sign on any dirt or grime on your car.

The best type of car wash depends on the kind of car you have and the time and money you are ready to put in. Cleaning car on your own can be time consuming and is a lot of hard work, so if you do go to a car wash station, do your research and go for the best one only.

Why Start A Car Wash Business?

The past few years have seen a drastic increase in people opting to start a business in India. One way or another, people are opting out of the regular nine to five work pattern and finding ways to start ‘on their own’ with minimum capital investment.

New, creative, and mind-blowing ways of doing business and business models are seen quite frequently throughout the country. Even giving information on how to establish them has become a new form of business!

When it comes to lucrative business, franchise opportunity is the newest trend in town. In a nutshell, franchise means you are authorized to sell a particular good or service of another company under your company. You get to use their technical expertise, their brand logo and trademark, and you share the profits with them. Thus, all the groundwork is already done for you, and you simply sell the product. This business model has been quite a hit for some time now.

With all the businesses going up, it has become increasingly difficult to identify a profitable franchise business, which is easy to establish and earns profits quickly. Yet, after thorough investigation, it has become clear that the most lucrative way to start a business in India would be to start a car wash franchise.

Professional car wash business and franchise are rarely seen in India and are a need of the hour…literally! The amount of dust in our nation is quite high and cars do become unclean quite quickly. Furthermore, time is a luxury, not owned by many car owners in India. A quick visit to a car wash franchise could help solve this problem and could mean profits in many ways not just to the common citizens of our nation, but also to the franchisee owners.

This new business opportunity could help boost your profits in India. The required technical skill sets, infrastructure, and trainers are readily available. For example, waxing and brushless cleaning are the most common tools used in the business. Several other car washing and cleaning techniques can be explored as per the needs and the locality served.

Mobile car washing is a good way to kick-start the business. Franchisers usually opt for this technique to understand the needs of the people in any specific locality and then, after confirmation of the tools to be used, they would suggest the franchisee to establish a full-fledged shop for the car wash. This technique is profitable for both the franchiser and the franchisee as the risk of loss of capital investment is at a minimum.

Starting a car wash business could be the most profitable franchise business to establish yourself in the market. India is a market that many franchisers are willing to invest in and competition is at a minimum here. So, if you want to start a franchise, give the carwash franchisers a chance to help your investments grow into a chain of carwash franchisees! – Karan Sethi – Director (Exppress Car Wash)