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Enhance Longevity of Your Car with Expert Car Cleaning & Car Detailing Services

Is your car lacking its previous glory due to regular driving? Has car cleaning been a tiresome task for you? If your answer is yes, you will need the help of experts. The outlets of Exppress Car Wash will be your friends in need. You will avail tailor-cut services through the trained personnel of this center. They combine skills with efficiencies of an automatic car washer and make your car spotless. Their car detailing service will turn your car impregnable to pollutants. You may select their services as per your necessities.


Car Washing Categories

You avail three different types of washing services through this expert car-cleaning facility. You will only notice the difference in types of services. The quality remains superb in every category.

Third Tier


On this tier, you will receive foam-cleaning of the exterior of your car. The engine compartment will turn dirt-free through steam cleaning. The tyre arches and underbody also become grime-free. The liquid polishing or waxing will add natural shine to your car.


The boot compartment and seats will receive vacuum cleaning. The dirty foot mats will turn spotless with washing. The dashboard will turn polished through gentle cleansing.

Middle Tier

The aforementioned cleaning services are included within this tier. You will receive some exclusive additional services. The experts will clean the alloy along with tyre arches. The side doors and door frames will also receive cleaning and polishing.

A specially formulated chemical will be sprayed on the windshield to turn it scratch-proof. The use of car-perfume will be an added specialty. Your car will not only look immaculate. It will also smell heavenly.

First Tier

You will avail meticulous cleaning in this premium tier. The experts will not limit their services to cleaning, polishing and waxing. They will clean the upholsteries with mild shampoos. The moisture will damage your leather upholsteries. Suitable cleansers will be used to clean these products. The doors, tyre arches, dashboard, floor-mats, windshield, engine and boot compartments will receive similar treatments as per the middle tier.


Detailing Service

The detailing service will enhance the longevity of your car through paint-coating and other reconditioning measures.

The transparent and glossy surface-finish will turn the engine resistant to the attacks of rodents, grimes, fuel or hard-water.

The rotational scrubbing will remove the spots from the windshield. The application of protective coating will increase your visibility at night or in rainy seasons.

The air-quality inside your car will improve through cleaning of air-conditioning ducts and coils.

The thorough cleaning of alloy wheels and application of paint coating will enhance its appearance. This treatment will save you from witnessing any spider-web crack on alloy-frame.

Your leather upholsteries, carpets, vinyl products will receive intensive cleaning and stain removal. The use of proprietary chemicals will ensure the safety of your belongings.

The paint coating will restore and enhance the natural shine of your car. This coating will remove any imperfection and work as the shield against UV rays, pollutants and oxidation marks.

The executives of this car cleaning center will not only make your car shine. They will turn your precious automobile into your long-time companion through exclusive and detailed care.