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Enjoy Fresh and Sanitized Car Ambiance through Steam Car Wash Services

The efficient auto-detailers of Exppress Car Wash are famous for premium car detailing services in NCR. This detailing Centre is popular for a variety cleaning packages. I have been the loyal customer of this cleaning and detailing center for many years. The senior executives of ECW have always introduced innovative techniques to its car wash services. The latest addition to the list of ECW’s car cleaning equipment is SteamJet automatic machine. This unique machined cleaned and waxed the exterior of my car at one go. The cleaning expert also used the steam-jets to clean my car’s interior excluding the wax.

exppress steam car cleaning

SteamJet Features

  • The auto-cleaner needed only 400 cc of purified water to clean my car exteriors and interiors.
  • The machine needed only 200 watts of power to generated pressurized steams for efficient car cleaning.
  • This machine can perform in eight different phases and has 28 different levels of steam-moisture control. The level of steam and moisture depends upon the level of dirt accumulation.
  • The advance microprocessor of this machine automatically controls its functions. This device is capable of informing the cleaning expert regarding any malfunction through its LED panel.
  • The stainless-steel structure of this machine protects the interior elements from rust’s corrosive attacks.

SteamJet Cleaning

  • The expert auto-cleaner of ECW used a gun-shaped tool to clean and wax my car with SteamJet’s unique mechanism.
  • This machine had separate buttons for separate operations. It also had separate chambers for liquid car-wax and purified water. The wax mixes with steam inside the machine. The ingenuity of this device astonished me throughout the cleaning process.
  • The auto-cleaner could handle the steam pressure level, moisture level and wax blending ratio through control buttons on the front panel.
  • He sprayed the exterior surface with wax filled jets of steam. The dirt and grime particles dripped off the surface. The auto-cleaner used ECW’s microfiber cloth to wipe the surface dry. I could not believe the smoothness my car’s exterior surface received after single wash.
  • The cleaning expert used the steam to remove the tough grimy stains of wheels, hubcaps and mudguards. These areas received a soft glow due to the presence of car wax.
  • The waxy steam also cleaned my car’s engine compartment without any damage to the wiring or instruments. The auto-cleaner attached a lance-shaped device to the gun to clean the compact areas of engine compartment. The coating of wax added shine to the engine compartment.
  • The jets of waxy steam were also used to clean the frames, glasses and grooves of doors. The glasses and knobs of doors started reflecting light after the waxy cleaning.
  • The cleaning expert turned off the wax-mixing mechanism and cleaned my car’s interior with steam. The gentle and pressure-controlled steams are suitable for soft fabrics and headlining of the interior roof.
  • SteamJet has removed stains from seat-covers, floor-mats and leather steering wheel covers. The powerful steam has killed the germs residing inside my car. My family and I enjoy a fresh ambiance every day and I owe thanks to SteamJet’s unique car wash services.

Become A Partner In One of The Fastest Growing Businesses In India

We can only succeed when you’re successful. That’s why our systems are designed to ensure your franchise runs smoothly and makes good money. Through effective brand building methodologies, world class services, mutually beneficial engagement models, Manmachine invites partners to share with them this golden opportunity that will spearhead them towards greater heights.Image

Exppress Car Wash : –  Exppress Car Wash is a unique mechanized car cleaning concept, first of its kind, which serves the purpose of the fast paced society we live in, where people want their cars cleaned in the shortest possible time by a professional with the help of high powered machines.

Exppress Car Wash promises to make the car clean and happy in just 20 minutes. Exppress Car Wash is a brand which is literally going to change the way people think about car cleaning. It’s all about a wonderful car cleaning experience, while enhancing the experience of driving .

It is a unique cleaning process where cars are cleaned in just 20 minutes by the latest equipments including high pressure cleaning machines, spray extraction machines, high powered vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners and so on. It is a nationwide chain of car wash units, allowing customers to get their car cleaned in any city in the country at their convenience in a uniformed manner.

Why Car Washing Business : – Indian automotive industry is at a take-off stage and is poised for an explosive growth in the next ten years. Today Indian Car Market is growing at the pace of more than 10%. Growth in real disposable income, easy availability of finance at competitive rates, changing mindsets with greater exposure to international lifestyles and reduced car ownership cycle, would continue to drive the growth of car population in India.

With 32 million cars on the Indian roads today the marketplace is massive, under serviced and inexhaustible. As more and more people are becoming ’timepoor’, and look forward for more convenient professional services, that’s where the need arises for a professional company to take over and give them the Finest Car Cleaning Experience & Satisfaction .

High In Demand :- Franchising with Exppress Car Wash gives you all the tools you need to get into gear and on the road to success. The unique business model of Exppress Car Wash, its location plans, design features, operation techniques and its promise of delivering an outstanding customer experience for an outstanding value, makes it more lucrative and positions it as one of the most fascinated franchisee business for the people who want to be part of this revolution and create their own success story.

We are looking for associates who have entrepreneurial spirit, a strong desire to succeed, the ability to motivate and train people, the ability to manage finances, the willingness to personally devote time to the day-to-day operation of the car wash business, the willingness to complete a comprehensive training and evaluation program and become proficient in all aspects of running the car wash business.

The Financials Requirement :- 

 Franchise Fee

a) Start-up Branding including newspaper ad, radio spots, press release and local cable advertisement.
b) Software billing (POS) with integrated ERP and CRM support.
c) Start-up kit including flexes, uniforms,stationeries.
d) Marketing kit including canopies and pamphlets.
e) Architectural Layout Plan.
f) 6 days onsite extensive training.
g) Online and Digital Marketing.
h) SMS and E-mail blast

Machine Cost:
Setup cost: `2-4 lakh
Area: 1,000 – 2,000 sq. ft.
Personnel : 3 boys + 1 Supervisor

Other costs
Royalty: 10%


Total Margin: Up to 70%
Return on Investment: Up to100%