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Protect Cars from Attacks of Pollutants through Car Paint Protection India

The Exppress Car Wash has earned a starlit position for its excellent performance in car cleaning and car detailing India. This automobile cleaning and detailing center is the gift of Manmachine to Indian car-owners. ECW has always tried to satisfy its customers with advance equipment or chemical agents. This car-detailing center has introduced permanent car paint protection India.

The Nano particles of ceramic paint-protection bond with your car’s surface and protect it from external attacks. The latest addition to the list of permanent coating is Opti-Gloss. This unique formula saves you from requiring different paint protection for different parts. You only need Opti-Glass Pro for additional protection to the glass or silica-based surfaces.

car paint protection

Unique Features of Optimum Gloss Coat

  • The auto-detailers can apply the clear coats of this ceramic paint-protection on a variety of surfaces. This product not only protects the surface paint of your car. It also protects the wheels, bumpers, plastic trims, metal-based and chrome-based products of your car.
  • The UV rays, air pollutants, chemicals, acidic or alkaline agents are extremely harmful to different parts of your car. The layer of Opti Coat stays as an additional barrier between applied surfaces and external elements. This clear coating saves your car’s paint from fading due to sunlight. It blocks contaminants and maintains the smoothness of surface paint.
  • You can enjoy the premium protection of Optimum Gloss for two years without any reapplication.

Application of Optimum Gloss Coat

The Optimum Gloss-Coat provides semi-permanent protection to your car. You need to be extremely careful during its application. It is hard to remove contaminations from the surface after the drying of the coat. The expert auto-detailers of Exppress Car Wash understand the importance of blemish removal. They take necessary precautions for flawless spreading of the coat.

  • The auto-detailers will use an automatic polisher to remove the defects from the paint with Optimum Polish/Optimum Hyper Polish.
  • Your car may have silicon coats, polishing oils or waxes from previous detailing services. The auto-detailers will use 15% IPA solution to remove these elements off the surface.
  • They need only a few drops of Optimum Gloss for each panel. They will use an applicator to spread this semi-permanent coating evenly on the specified surfaces of your car.
  • The expert detailers will spread the thin layer of this coating in two different directions on each panel. They apply this coating in circular and front-to-back motions.
  • They use strong lights to check the panel for the existence of any thick or uneven area. They use foam applicators or microfiber cloths to level any unevenness before the coat’s drying.
  • The treated areas may feel sticky after the application of this semi-permanent coating. Hence, any unnecessary wiping or touching may leave distinguishable marks. This coating takes 15 minutes to dry and your car will be road-ready after this period.

Opti-Glass Pro Features

The clear-coats of Optimum Gloss do not bond with glassy surfaces. The auto-detailers will apply Opti-Glass Pro on the windshield, headlights and wing-mirrors. This coating creates a high contact-angle between the surface and water. It prevents water droplets from resting on the mirror. It protects the glassy surfaces from chipping through grainy objects. Exppress Car Wash is guaranteed to deliver the best services for car detailing India.


Enhance Your Car’s Longevity through Car Paint Protection and Detailing Services

‘Precision’ and ‘Thoroughness’ are the words I use to describe the detailing services of Exppress Car Wash. I have taken my cars to this detailing center either for cleaning or for detailing services. The auto-detailers or cleaners have always performed beyond my expectation. Last time, I asked the auto-detailer to apply a premium quality car paint protection. The ceramic paint protection has reduced my additional expenses of polishing or intense cleaning. This coating has also improved my car’s appearance and increased its longevity. Exppress Car Wash is truly the pioneer of advance car detailing India.


Exterior Detailing


  • The auto-detailer used an advance car-polishing machine to rub the surface of my car. This polisher removed all the scratches and swirl marks from the surface paint.
  • The polishing let the original colour of my car surface. The auto-detailer used car wax after polishing. The application of liquid wax made my car radiate without any blemishes.
  • The detailer applied coatings of paint protection after waxing to keep its spotless appearance intact. This ceramic paint protection has saved my car from attacks of pollutants, hard-water and chemicals.
  • It requires zero maintenance and gives additional protection against the damage of UV rays.


  • The auto-detailer used a proprietary non-woven pad to apply ECW’s Glass Polish on the outer surface of the windshield.
  • The polishing removed the blemishes and prepared the surface for application of Glass Cleaner.
  • The auto-detailer applied the Glass Cleaner with a sponge to remove tiny specs of residue. He finished the detailing work with the application of ECW’s Glass Protector.
  • This unique product has improved my visibility with its anti-glaring features. It does not let water droplets or dust particles remain on the surface. Hence, it saves the windshield from unsightly spots or scratches.



  • The auto-detailer used pressurized jets of steam and hot water to clean the engine compartment. He removed the excess water with ECW’s micro-fibre cloth. He used a dry-air compressor to vaporize even one drop of water. I was unable to recognize the engine compartment of my car. It became spotless within a few minutes.
  • He coated the parts, corners and curves of this compartment with a proprietary engine lacquer. He sprayed the solution in an overlapping fashion for maximum coverage.
  • This coating is saving my car’s engine from corrosive damages. It has prevented the migration and radiation of heat. The slippery solution has reduced the friction between various parts.

Interior Detailing

AC Treatment:

  • The interior of my car also received detailed cleaning. The auto-detailer used a foam-tipped cleaner to remove dusts from A/C duct. He used a proprietary AC cleaning solution.
  • He cleaned the AC vent with a microfiber cloth and used a flexible tube to clean its unreachable parts. Now, I enjoy dust-free and germ-free cold air inside my car.

Leather Conditioning:

I always stayed worried about the condition of my leather upholsteries. ECW has put an end to my anxieties. The auto-detailer removed dust, dirt and stains with ECW’s leather cleaner. He wiped the upholsteries clean and applied premium-quality leather conditioner. This conditioner has saved my upholsteries from further staining.

Attention, Car Lovers! Get These Coats Done To Your Car for Better Life

Cars are the love of life for the owners irrespective of the gender. Both the sexes love Cars equally. The passion and craze for these hot wheels is so much so that owners study deep about every aspect of car. For such enthusiasts, Car Detailing is an important part of their study.

If you are one such car fanatic then you should know some of those crucial car care taking tips that would ease your life and makes the maintenance of your dear machine less expensive.


Coating of Car Parts :

On the Hoods

With good chemical resistance and excellent protection the use of a ceramic coating can do wonders. These coatings provide an ecstatic swirl free impact on your cases and cover of the car surfaces from all the unwanted dirt which gets visible and easy to clean off. These coatings also work well with protection against UV fading.

On the Bumper Trims

The plastic trims have a major concern with staying clean due to easily getting an access to all kinds of mud from underneath. This has to be replaced at times if the condition is worse. So getting an Opti Coat on the trim keeps all the UV impacts at bay with timely easy cleaning.


On the Lens

A long time issue of yellowing of the tail lamp lens and the front ones is a major concern. Coating them with an optimised UV protector and hence keeping it safe from all kinds of after effects gives you a good relief.

On the Glass

Yes the ceramic coating of Opti Coat on the keeps the glass shining and clear hence improved visibility as well as easy swiping off of frost and water is possible.

Such a kind of paint protection leaves your car to be more attractive and also makes sure that the Car Detailing is well kept. The major advantage of such a protection is to maintain the youth of your cars and allowing you to show them off in the best style possible year after year.

Cleaning of the Leather Parts

An intensive treatment for the skin of the seats involves rigorous cleaning with eco-friendly chemicals to remove mud, dirt, and stains from the seats.

The cleaning is done by an aerosol to avoid the annoying odor. Additionally, the other cleaning agents in the process do its work of extracting out all the stubborn stains and leave the interiors in a brand new avatar.

Parts like leather, plastics, carpets and rubber comes under such extreme cleansing process. This is actually a quick restoration of your classy leather seats giving it a look which seems natural and untouched.

Others Miscellaneous Coats

The underbody parts, steering wheel and AC also has its own kind of Opti coats that ensures longer work life.

Have a happy time with your car in the future.

Ensure Long Lasting Beauty and Automotive Protection with Car Detailing

Among all the available methods, car detailing – paint protection is one of the assured ways of preserving the beauty and appearance of your vehicle. Enjoy optimal vehicle speed and get compliments for the perfect maintenance as well. Within the last 10 year, there have been big improvements in the paint finish automotive technology. The most prominent among these is the ceramic technology. Such finishes no doubt are exceptionally durable and coupled with waxing may give you long-lasting results.


Oxidization of the paint and environmental hazards requires car owners to go through detailing process at regular intervals. Some of the debilitating factors that damage the car paint includes:

  • Bird droppings
  • Spot of hard water
  • Insect remains
  • Acid rain

Even with ceramic finishes one has to remain prepared for alkaline or acidic contamination. For getting a dependable protection, you need to apply car wax coating. Detailing service providers will ensure the application of such a coat. Paint protection as everyone knows requires regular maintenance for sustaining the associated results.

Based upon the various climatic conditions, experts suggest waxing 3-4 times annually. This will give the owners optimal results with their car paint. Otherwise, it will start to show the after effects of oxidation and environmental damage. If areas with peeled paint or scratches are present, do not linger. Address these issues as quickly as possible. You need to take your vehicle to the car detailing service provider.


Protection technology uses a film of thermoplastic urethane. This gives adequate protection against damage from impact and scratches. Improve the exteriors of your car. What is more, when needed, you can easily remove this urethane film and replace it with another new. Most vulnerable parts of the vehicle tend to be the,

  • Fender
  • Bumper
  • Side mirrors
  • Hood

Detailing solution providers will make sure to cover all these parts effectively. Keep your vehicle in top shape and even increase the resale value with this kind of detailing and paint protection. Nowadays, products are available in the market that offer hard wearing clear ceramic coat with superior scratching resistance. Besides that, the vehicle also remains protected from environmental chemical etching.

One can apply them to all kinds of factory paints along with multiple surfaces like hard plastic, metal, and exterior glass. Some of these work as a permanent coating. One does not have to worry about car washes with this kind of ceramic coating in place. Along with the effort for protecting and revitalizing the car, take measures to maintain its appearance as well. With the presence of the clear paint on the vehicle surface the minerals, dirt and grime is unable to adhere.

Even car washing now becomes much simpler than before and your vehicle does not require much rubbing or scrubbing. The function of the permanent coating like Opti Coat is to seal the paint along with everything inside. Thus, even if swirls or scratches are present it will remain sealed now under the permanent outer coating.

Get the Right Car Detailing For a Great Car

For people who love their four-wheelers, it is not a surprise that they keep their cars extremely clean. But, you are not doing everything for your car if you are not investing in the right kind of car detailing. This is an important part of maintaining your car or your car would lose the sheen and appeal gradually with time.

Also, getting the right kind of car detailing is important for paint protection. So, if you want to keep your car brand new, take some car detailing advice from us.

car detailing service

Many people opt for professional dealers for getting the detailing done, but why take all the trouble if you can easily do the job yourself with just a few products. The key to car detailing is to know your car properly and use the suitable chemicals and car wash products for its detailing and paint protection. Just because your neighbour is using a type of solution to shine his car, doesn’t mean you have to pick up the same one.

Where to start with the detailing?

If you are new and you have only cleaned your car this entire time, then you should start from the basics. The best place to start with the car detailing is the interior of your car. Detailing the interior would require you to remove all the mats from your car and then vacuum the upholstery and carpets of your car properly. All the dirt and the grime will be removed thoroughly and it won’t settle on the exterior of your car.

There are many ways to take out the stains and holes from your carpet and upholstery and when you are done with them, you should move on to the hard surfaces like the dashboard and rear windows and glasses. Using a damp cloth will do the job when it comes to the dashboard of your car.

There are different types of all-purpose cleaners available in the market to ensure that the interiors of your car looks not only clean but also shine in the sun. After this, start with cleaning the wheels of your car and remove any stain on the steering wheel with cotton swabs.

Never use vinyl on leathers as it will damage it completely.

No car detailing is complete without proper paint protection. And for this reason, you can either go to the car dealers or use a good quality sealant at home. Although, some people may not take it seriously but getting paint protection for your car is important and it is advised to seek professional help. It seals the paint and ensures that the paint doesn’t come off due to any reason.

Some of the paint protection solutions used by car dealers include Supagaurd and Diamond rite. Earlier carnauba wax was used to help in this process but with newer technology and better alternatives, the wax is not used much, today. Protect the paint for restoring the sheen of your car for a longer period of time.