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Let Your Car Shine with Automatic Car Wash & Run Smoothly with Underbody Coating

I forgot to cover my car the last time I went on vacation. The result was inevitable. The garage saved her from bird droppings; though, she gathered piles of dust on the outer surface. The interior of the car also became dusty. I do not have an automatic car washer. The thought of manual cleaning left me on the verge of tears. A friend referred Exppress Car Wash for automatic car wash service treatment. Their diversified range of services astonished me. They convinced me to try the car underbody coating and I am still reaping its benefits. I have turned into their loyal customer since my first visit.

Unique Underbody Cleaning

  • The expert cleaners in ECW used high-pressured jets of water to clean the underbody of my car.
  • The unique lance for underbody wash had a bent lower portion to reach under the surface.
  • My car did not require any hydraulic lifting. The lance moved back and forth on a castor and cleaned the underbody with pressurized jets of water. The cleaner also used this lance to clean the fender.


Trigger Cleaning

  • The fender area received premium cleaning through a separate water spraying tool. This tool resembled a toy gun and it had an extended trigger attached to the barrel.
  • The cleaning expert attached a lance to this barrel and used the lance to clean the fender. He even used the jet-spraying gun to clean the tyres, wheel alloys and lower sides of my car.

Top & Side Cleaning

  • The auto-cleaner used a straight lance to remove dusts from my car’s roof with pressurized jets of foam and water. He followed the same method to clean the sides of my car. The tiny drops of water and foam put no pressure on the glass.
  • Firstly, he cleaned the loose dirt particles with jets of water. Secondly, he sprayed a foaming cleanser all over the car for stain removal. Finally, he cleaned the foam with pressurized jets of water.

Engine Cleaning

  • The engine compartment is the brain of any car and houses sensitive mechanical components. The pressurized jets of water may damage the tools present in this compartment. Hence, the professionals used steam cleaning instead of hot-water cleaning.
  • The micro droplets of steam caused no harm to the tools of engine compartment. The powerful steam cleaned the stains of grease, oil and dirt from this area within minutes.
  • The droplets of steam evaporated instantly and left nominal residue of water behind.


Interior Cleaning

  • The auto-cleaner used a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt or dust particles from the car’s floor and floor mats.
  • He used upholstery-cleaning machine to remove stains from the suede covers of my car’s seats. The inside of my car’s roof also received thorough cleaning with this machine.

Underbody Coating

The under-chassis area received additional servicing. The auto-cleaner coated this area with ECW’s platinum underbody coating. This unique formula has been saving my car’s under-chassis area from erosions, abrasions, vibratory damages and corrosive damages.


Protect Under-Chassis with Underbody Coating & Upholsteries with Interior Car Detailing

If you want your precious automobile to rule the road, you will require something refiner than basic car cleaning. You will require the assistance of a car detailing service provider. The expert detailers of this organization will make your car roar with cleaned engines. They will let your car shine with the glazed finish of waxes and sealants. They will even protect the under-surface of your car with the application of underbody coating. These professionals will not only restore the reduced luster of your car. They will also restore fineness to the performance of your automobile.

Many car-detailing agencies will only perform cleaning, polishing and waxing of the body of your car. They may even perform cleaning of the glasses, mirrors and wheels. The professionals of this agency go beyond simple detailing tasks. They will clean every inch of the interior. They will even make sure that the under-surface of your car is adequately protected. You will enjoy nothing but excellence through the assistance of these professionals.


The Immaculate Interiors

The dust particles present in the interior of your car can be vacuum cleaned. You will require suitable equipment’s for the removal of any tough stain from the fabrics or leather upholsteries. The expert detailers of this organization have these necessary accessories in their possessions.

Re-Conditioning of Leather

The leather seats are known to loose shine due to the accumulation of dust and sweat.

A patented upholstery cleaning chemical agent is used at first. It is sprayed on the seats and evenly spread with the use of a sponge.

The seats are thoroughly wiped with a microfiber cloth after a few minutes. The dust, dirt and grimy particles dissolve into the chemical and come off through wiping.

A superior-quality conditioner is used on the seats with the use of a sponge. Your seats will start shining spotlessly after 15 minutes of this application.

These cleaning and polishing agents can also be used on vinyl, rubber and plastic upholsteries along with the carpets.

Benefits of Fabric Protector

The protective layer of this agent prevents the particles of any staining material from getting soaked.

The detailer will spray this chemical agent evenly on the plastic, leather or vinyl upholsteries of your car. This agent will set for a few hours. No stain will be able to penetrate the surface of your upholsteries after the setting time.

This cleanser can also be used to remove any tough stain with the use of a soft cloth. It retains the natural glow of the upholsteries and increases the longevity of these materials.


The Protection of Under-Surface Coating

The vehicular equipment’s present under the chassis of your car, endure maximum damage. The stones, gravels, sands and debris present on the road may damage these materials. This coating will protect these useful vehicular parts against regular damage.

The Platinum Coating is used to coat the under-chassis of your car. It is sprayed along the lengths and breadths of all the equipment’s. It protects the under-chassis from the attacks of rust, corrosion and erosion for a long period. It also reduces the cost of maintenance for you.

The restored shine and lively performance of your automobile will make you feel proud as the owner. The car detailing service availed through this organization will once again make you fall in love with your car.